My Mantra for Vitamin E- Benefits, Deficiency & Food Sources #Evion

Vitamin E- Benefits, Deficiency & Food Sources

To live a Healthy lifestyle is easy to say than done. Following a Healthy schedule is not easy in a busy lifestyle. We all know it’s important, but the need to intake healthy food, do exercise arise when some health issues arise. Something like this happens to me a few months back when I ignore Nutrition intake in my diet due to busy work schedule. But when a problem with hair fall, skin allergies arose I extremely felt the need to meet the Nutritional requirement. This happens with all of us. I usually come across 10-15 women patients in a day who have health issues due to Nutritional deficiency. My prescription never goes without Folic acid and Evion Supplements – India’s No.1 Vitamin E Brand, one can live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Let’s check out My Mantra for Vitamin E- Benefits, Deficiency & Food Sources.

Vitamin E- Benefits, Deficiency & Food Sources

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamins with antioxidants properties. It’s essential for the proper functioning of various body mechanism. It helps in strengthening muscles, hair, skin, eyes, and immunity. Let’s explore Vitamin E- Benefits, Deficiency & Food Sources.

What is the role of Vitamin E in our body?

Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants which prevent damage done by free radicals.  It keeps the hair healthy, prevent dryness and keep it moisturized. It keeps skin healthy and helps in anti-aging. It rejuvenates dead cells and nourishes the skin. It also reduces inflammation in body and balance hormone levels in the body.

The recommended dose of vitamin E: 8-10 mg /day.

Health Issues Due to Deficiency of Vitamin E:

Deficiency of Vitamin E can lead to Problems like:

1) Hair Fall: If you are suffering from abnormal hair fall then it’s a clear indicator of deficiency of Vitamin E.
2) Skin Problems: Dry skin in normal weather or flaky skin, skin allergies denotes the deficiency of Vitamin E.
3) Eyes problems: Weakening of Eyes muscle and eye power is due to Vit E deficiency only.
4) Hormonal Imbalance: Menstrual problems, or breast fibroid, Weight gain due to PCOS or ovarian cyst, cyst in uterus, etc these are common symptoms that are commonly due to deficiency of Vitamin E

What are the Sources of Vitamin E?

Now questions come how to meet these Nutritional requirements. There are two sources to fill the deficiency of nutrients like Vitamin E, Folic acid, Iron, Calcium etc.

A) Eating Well balanced Nutritional Diet: The best and ultimate source to fulfill your Nutritional needs is through a balanced diet. I usually include spinach, almonds, and Peanuts in my diet as they are a good source of Vitamin E.  By switching to food and fruits rich in Macro and Micro Nutrients. Good Sources of Vitamin E are:

  1. Sunflower seeds – You can have in nutty form or garnish your dish.
  2. Spinach – We all know this is a rich source of Iron. A half cup of Spinach gives 20% of daily Vit E requirements.
  3. Vegetable oil- Sunflower, Olive and Wheat Germ oil are an essential source of Vitamin E.
  4. Peanut- It’s a rich antioxidant. 20gm of Peanut provide 20% of daily Vit E requirements. It also controls your weight.
  5. Avocado– It’s oil rich food a good source of vitamin E. 1 Avocado provides 20% of daily Vit E requirements.
  6. Almonds – Though this is rich in calories. A handful of Almond provide the daily Vit E requirements.
  7. Hazelnut- are rich in vitamin E and helps in lower bad cholesterol. It provides 20% of daily Vit E requirements.
  8. Asparagus – It comes with anti-cancerous benefits. Along with good source of Vitamin E.
  9. Broccoli– Rich in protein and Vitamin E and lowers bad cholesterol.

B) Taking Vitamin E Supplement: Since it’s not easy to intake 100% vitamin through food. Or deficiency in larger amount can only be met through Vitamin E Supplement.

I preferably use Evion by mixing 1-2 capsules with oil or powder face packs, whenever I feel the hair and skin problems. And do recommend Evion to my patients, if health issues related to deficiency of Vitamin E occurs. This is My Mantra for Vitamin E- Benefits, Deficiency & Food Sources. Tell me how much you find this useful? Don’t forget shares yours.

“Consuming Supplements in high doses can create an imbalance of other nutrients and toxicity. Hence, a Person should take a supplement in recommended doses and for a certain period of time. Though getting Vitamin E from food sources is safe and good.”

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

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Disclaimer: Any facts used in this post are purely meant for education purpose only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice

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  1. wow,you have shared all the facts and uses of vitamin e.This is a great knowledgeable post.

  2. anitapratapsingh says: Reply

    Mera utrus n ek overy removed hai, dur to heavy multiple fibroids , is liye mujhy supplements lena hi padta hai, us me Evion 400 bhi hai
    Agar isme 2 se3 din kabhi gap hua to mere legs n body me itna pain hota hai ki lagta hai me khud ko ghasit kar chal rahi hu

  3. I am not saying I have the best skin of all. I do get occasional breakouts. But considering my daily routine (driving more than one hour every day on a two-wheeler in Bangalore traffic and pollution), I can safely say that I have good skin. You can find so many DIY masks and scrubs to give your self-luxury treatment.

    Again, all this is not magical solution for skin and hair problems although we do expect magic. Everyone is different and underlying cause of problems can also be different. So please don’t expect that over night everything will change, if that was the case then no one would ever have bad skin and no one will lose hair. But having proper E should help improve the nourishment.

    Thanks for the article; its really helpful and informative.

    1. Yes If balance diet is followed health can be maintained

  4. You have nailed it Dr. Bushra. Vitamin E seems to be something that I should start right away!

  5. Just last year my brother advised me to have Vitamin supplements when I mentioned about new pigmentation on my face skin. Here the post shares many important aspects of Vit..E thanks for sharing with us

  6. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan says: Reply

    I must get a blood test to check my vitamin e levels. I do get dry skin and hair fall. I must start supplements for the same as you stated since diet alone does not seem to be enough

  7. The little known but vital Vitamin, eh? We always talk about B complex and C but rarely ever E

  8. Hair Fall is something very common that I have been facing. I think I should go for vitamin E supplements now

  9. Hair fall or skin problems, Vitamin E comes to the rescue. If we eat a healthy wholesome meal with fruits and vegetables everyday, we dont have to worry about its deficiency. Good to know about it in detail.

  10. This is a blog that I can surely bookmark. I would want to refer to this everytime I feel that there is a possible issue with Vitamin-E in my family. Thanks for sharing the info.

  11. Its important to spread authentic information about health.a very useful Vitamn E Guide.

  12. I love incorporating vitamin E for hair growth in my diet.

  13. Over Coffee With Shruti says: Reply

    Thanks for list Bushra, at least there are some vegetarian foods that have vitamin E, really happy to see that. I use Vitamin E tablets for my facepacks and also put them in oils while i apply them in my hair strands.

  14. A veey informative and useful post.Vitamin E is a super vitamin indeed.

  15. so much information about vitamin e at one place. I try to take care of my skin and hair both and it is very important to have right knowledge. Thanks for this….

  16. Vitamin E is a must for glowing skin and hair. Taking Evion supplement is important for maintaining the body functioning. Thank you for sharing

  17. We all should make conscious efforts to have Vitamin E in any and every form we can have as it is vital for the body.
    Thanks for sharing


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