Tips to select the right AC for your home this summer

Tips to select the right AC for your home this summer

Presently we are dealing with many kinds of pollution and many factors are responsible for causing damage to the environment. But did you know that changing with a little effort we can contribute a lot towards its betterment? There are many ways by which we can achieve this. One of the ways that I’ve come across is actually very good.

Since it’s summer so I and my family decided to buy AC for our home. Due to Global warming and change in environment, the days are really very hot. The temperature is around 42 during the day so AC becomes a necessity. Before buying anything I usually do research, I always believed to invest money smartly. I’m really very surprised to know that AC actually hazardous for health. Now the question comes, tips to select the right AC for your home that’s safe for health and need less maintenance. The answer is to choose AC that has Copper coils, let’s check out why?

According to Mr. Avinash Khemka Chief Manager – Sustainable Energy, International Copper Association of India,”Copper is not only beneficial at a personal level but also to the environment due to its 100% recyclable quality and better energy efficiency.”


Tips To Select The Right AC for your home This Summer

If are going to buy AC for your family, you should go for 100% Copper coils, summing here the few reasons:

Less Corrosive:

Copper is less corrosive metal in comparison to alternative metal like Aluminium used in air conditioners. Corrosion usually occurs where air, dust, pollution, water present. So If your AC has copper coils than it’s chance to exposure to corrosion decreases in the Long run.


A 100% Copper AC is extremely cost-effective because copper requires less maintenance and the replacements are also pocket-friendly. This absolutely makes Copper AC the first choice for me.

Long-term Energy Efficiency:

Efficiency depends on heat transfer capacity of metal used in AC. The heat transfer capacity is affected by the accumulation of dust and impurities in outdoor units. This in turns lower energy efficiency. 100% Copper ACs are easy to clean and maintain in comparison to Non-copper ACs. This increases their Long-term Energy Efficiency and hence drop in the electricity bill.

Copper ACs are less harmful to the environment:

Non-copper ACs are prone to leakage every 2-3 years and release harmful refrigerant into the atmosphere which contributes to global warming. On the other hand, in copper ACs refrigerant leakages are minimal which makes them less harmful to the environment.

Copper ACs are safer for our health:

Dust particles often lead to corrosion of coils in an air-conditioner. Corroded coils can cause gas leaks. When you continue to use your AC despite a leak, you put tremendous pressure on the compressor which can permanently damage your device. Even if the unit remains repairable, the cost of repair can be extremely high. Besides the increased cost of repair, for whatever time you run the unit with a leak, you end up using 20% more electricity for every 10% loss of refrigerant.

Moreover, if the coolant leaks into your house, it will quickly evaporate into a gas and be very harmful. It may cause a number of health problems such as nausea, headaches, skin irritation etc. Prolonged exposure could also lead to medical conditions such as unconsciousness, excessive coughing or even death. Imagine the environment we are creating for our kids at home. Surprised that having an AC with a gas leak could be so harmful?

Well, there is a simple way to avert a disaster that involves making a small change in your AC buying habits- opt for a 100% copper AC. The world’s oldest metal, copper is known for its high thermal conductivity, energy efficiency, reliability, and corrosion resistance. Let’s give our children a better life with copper.

How do you find the Tips to select the right AC for your home this summer?

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  1. Ya, I have heard about Copper AC’s, and I’m sure I’ll replace my current Blue star soon. Great points Bushra to select the AC. Corrosiveness and maintenance are a big factors.

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  5. judy morrisudy says: Reply

    Oh I never thought about this ill effects from health point while using Air conditioner. thanks for this piece of information sharing it with my family and friends.

  6. Papri Ganguly says: Reply

    Yes, AC is the much needed device for summer. These tips are helpful to buy a perfect AC

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    Very useful tips share by you.. I Always want low maintenance and energy efficient Ac for my home

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