The story of the butterfly Girl

The story of the butterfly Girl

Who dreams to touch the sky

she’s dad little girl
Brothers lucky charm
Her wishes are fulfilled
Her dresses are fashionable
From top to toe
She’s decorated like a festive table.
Whether it’s fashion or studies
She’s excelled at everything
Tops in country level exams
Move foreign for higher studies
Where she met her prince
His name is a boy
Spellbound by her qualities
They went on the date
boys go on knees
Ask to marry her
Girl feel shy
With a soft voice, she replied
 ” Though I become an entrepreneur,
But first I am Indian women “
 ” I owe my parents decisions,
Though I am independent  “
Boys get more impressed
He went  to catch up girl family
On meeting her parents
He said to her dad
 ” I am a normal person,
In love with your girl.
Can’t give luxurious life,
But will keep her father’s princess like a queen  “
Girls mother believes love marriages are not successful
 ” How can I give my girl,
How can I believe you  “
Boy replied
 ” Respect your concern mam,
You can test my ability.  “
 ” I promise to never let you down,
Will treat your princess like a crown “
She replied ”  I ask you a question ,
Your answer would affect my decision  “
 ” Tell me what you choose between, Your mother or your wife “
The boy replied within seconds
” No doubt Ma’m my mother “
She proudly smiles
 ” The one who preferred mother,
Would know to Respect women  “
 ” The one who choose a wife ,
Either he does not love her mother or He’s telling lie”.
 ” I want a guy who respects my girl,
more than love “.
 ” You prove yourself wise,
Now it’s your choice  “
 ” Would you marry my daughter  “
He said  ” Yes “
Rest is well
Finally, ring their wedding bells
The story of the butterfly Girl

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