Take Care of Yourself, Get Routine Test during pregnancy – Part 1

Discover how Routine Test during pregnancy ensures a healthy
Routine Investigation during the First trimester of pregnancy contributes to the maternity care. The Test During Pregnancy especially those performed at initial stages of pregnancy, ensure a healthier pregnancy. In this part of A to Z Guide to pregnancy, we will discuss appropriate testing in the First Trimester of pregnancy. We’ll guide you through how the Test During Pregnancy are performed, what they interpret and Risk if any associated with them.
Standard investigations are recommended for a pregnant woman to rule out any risk if any and to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Routine Test during pregnancy:

1. Complete blood count Test (CBC) 

It includes Haemoglobin, ABO, Rh grouping, VDRL are done, blood glucose in selected cases.


Low in Haemoglobin levels shows the iron requirement in woman’s body.

If your Rh factor is negative then your partner Rh factor should be checked. If it’s same then no problem. If it’s opposite, Then your would advice post delivery.

How it’s done

Blood sample collection either at home or doctor’s clinic or labs on empty stomach or as per advised.

when it’s done

On your first prenatal visit.


No risk when a sample is collected under hygienic conditions.


2. Urine test

It’s performed to check the presence of Protein, Sugar and Pus cells.


=> The presence of Glucose indicates the beginning of Gestational diabetes. It’s count as risky when it’s positive in the row for 3 times.

=> The presence of Protein can be the sign of preeclampsia and Hypertension. It’s count as risky when it’s positive in a row for 3 times.

=> Presence of Pus cells indicates Urinary tract infection(UTI)

How it’s done

It’s recommended to collect Sample of mid-stream Urine at the morning.


No risk when a sample is collected under hygienic conditions.



3. Test for Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes can cause hypertension, increased chances of caesarean delivery and the indication to develop maternal diabetes later in life.





4. Serological test for 

A) Rubella antibody 

Due to unhygienic conditions, women are commonly present with rubella antibodies. A positive test indicates that the fetus is at risk.

B) Hepatitis B 

Mothers who are HBeAg positive act as a carrier of hepatitis B to their fetus. Baby most likely to develop chronic liver diseases.

C) HIV screening

All pregnant women should be screened for HIV on a very first visit. And if it’s positive appropriate treatment should be given to reduce the risk of HIV being transmitted to their infant.

  • DISCLAIMER: The content in this post is purely meant for educational purpose only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.
  • Reference- D.C Dutta textbook of obstetrics.
  • Image source Pixabay and Wikipedia
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  1. All these tests are so important aren’t they? I can’t imagine what a pregnancy would be like without blood tests and an ultrasound or two.
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  4. Testing and routine appointments are so important for both the mom and baby to be. Back in the dark ages when I had my children, they didn’t even had ultrasounds, now to see the 3 and 4D are amazing! To see my great grand babies when they were so tiny but definitely already “little people”. Love to see the changes through ultra sound before they are born.

  5. Rubella antibody was a new information for me. I think you can convert your posts into an ebook when you finish the challenge.

    1. Yes Rubella is one of the common causes of missed abortion especially in India due to unhygienic surroundings ūüôā

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