P for Positive outlook to deal with Stress During Pregnancy

Stress during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the start of the new phase of life not only for the woman but for the whole family. A phase everything is changing from your body posture to emotions & feelings. This changes also brings stress with them less or more.

Stress during Pregnancy is common, But sometimes too much stress can make you uncomfortable. Stress during Pregnancy makes it difficult to sleep, headache, loss of appetite, restlessness & much more. You need a Positive outlook to deal with Stress During Pregnancy

Causes of Stress During Pregnancy:

The causes of vary with different types woman. Here we are discussing some of the  common causes of stress during pregnancy:

  • Woman find it difficult with the change & discomforts of pregnancy like nausea, vomiting, indigestion etc.
  • Change in Hormones brings mood swings which indirectly invites Stress.
  • Worrying about the time of labor & responsibilities of newborn
  • Working woman worried what to choose or how to balance between child upbringing & work

How does Stress cause Pregnancy problems? 

It’s difficult to rule out effects of stress on pregnancy. But stress has some impact on hormonal secretion. As some stress related hormones have a negative impact on pregnancy. Hormonal imbalance weakens the immune system. Hence the body is easily prone to infections. This type of infection can cause premature birth.

Intake of excess amount of alcohol consumption, smoking, drugs can also lead to stress during pregnancy

How to reduce Stress during Pregnancy?

Some positive steps you can take: 

1. Rest & relaxtake time for yourself and Relax . its good for you and your baby. Listen to music or have a spa or read your favorite book or spend quality time with your better half.

2. Discuss Pregnancy -If you have worries about your pregnancy have a chit chat with your partner, your doctor & your mother. Talking things through can make you feel better. 

3. Eat & Sleep well – Keep an eagle eye on your diet during pregnancy. Well, balanced diet is good for you & your baby. Eat light food easily digestible, increase intake of liquid diet like Juices, water.Sound sleep not only refreshes your mind but also boost up your feelings of well-being.

4. Switch to Exercise – Exercise keeps you healthy & fit. It can be done in any form – a warm-up exercise, morning walk, light sessions of Yoga or meditation, Swimming. Exercises are good enough to control your anxieties and make you feel light.  

5.Go for Complementary Therapies – Checkout for the Meditation sessions, Yoga sessions, Laughter sessions in your area. These therapies are the fantastic way to de-stress.

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  • DISCLAIMER: The content in this post is purely meant for educational purpose only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice

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  1. This should be a brochure or pamphlet that physicians provide to pregnant moms! Who doesn’t have stress? Actually, this is a good list for everyone!

    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Very relatable topic amd super tips to cope up. Great read ?

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  3. Informative for woman.

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  6. Great suggestions! There is so much celebration around pregnancy that people often forget the stress associated with it.

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      1. I finally did get around to writing about stress! Do check my blog

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  7. Some really good tips Dew!

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  8. I wasn’t stressed out but had got insomnia!!
    Twinkling Tina Cooks

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  9. I too had insomnia -I just could not sleep for the love of God!!!!

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  10. That’s such a useful topic..I too had a lot of stress during my pregnancy that my dad used to ensure that i walk everyday for at least an hour. I must say it was totally refreshing and it made me feel better

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    *Menaka Bharathi *

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  11. good list. i dont think i have heard anyone recommend the complementary therapy!

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  12. Again, great information. Stress can be a killer, literally and a mommy to be doesn’t need added stress to put on the baby.

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  13. I remember how much stressed was caused discussing and reading about the symptoms – what to do, what not to do and the like that I stopped doing all of that and simply listened to what my doctor said!

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  14. Great advice for expectant mothers. Stress is bad for everyone, pregnant or not 🙂

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  15. Very informative post!

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