Six Features You Must Not Miss While Buying Cradle For Your Baby

Six Features You Must Not Miss While Buying Cradle For Your Baby

With the news of new addition in family planning for their warm welcome started off. From clothes to accessories, food to cozy baby cribs, we don’t want to miss a single thing. To add to this huge pressure comes on your shoulder, that opts for only those things that are safe for your baby. You have to research each little things before buying. One such thing that you should be extra precautions while buying is Baby cradle. Baby cradle not only provides comfort to your baby, it’s the necessity for both Mom and baby. You will be stress-free while the baby sleeps in a cradle. Only one thing you have to be sure is that the Baby cradle you buy is safe for baby. Today we are discussing Six Features You Must Not Miss While Buying Cradle For Your Baby. Before further discussion, let’s have a look at some facts about baby cradle

What is a baby cradle?

A baby cradle is a bed that’s designed specifically for baby needs. It has an open top cage the will prevent baby from falling and cozy mattress that would give him sound sleep.

How long will baby cradle be used?

Cradles are advised to use for up to 2years or till your baby escape out easily from the cradle.

Six Features You Must Not Miss While Buying Cradle For Your Baby

Six Features You Must Not Miss While Buying Cradle For Your Baby:

1) Certified Baby Cradle: Always look out for certified baby products recommended by the pediatrician. This will ensure baby safety standards and you will be at the relief that you have chosen products that will keep your baby safe.

2) Watch out for The Cradle Depth: The most important thing to watch out is a good depth of cradle to prevent baby from escaping. With the growth of the baby, their activities and movement increase. Make sure that the depth is enough that you won’t attempt jailbreak using cradle railing.

3) Automatic & Manual Swing: Swing in cradle will decrease your load to almost 75%. Always look out for Automatic swing cradle with good motor quality. So that you can switch to auto swing mode and get your household work done.

4) Safety Harness and canopy: Always make sure the cradle you are buying don’t have sharp edges. And it’s durable enough and won’t collapse while your baby is playing. A mosquitos net in a cradle is very useful to avoid any insects and disturb baby sleep and prevent infections.

5) Mattresses Quality: Mattress not only gives comfort sleep to your baby. It also supports proper body shape and safety. Look out for cost-effective, comfortable and Durable cradle mattress. The mattress should be properly fixed in the crib. Your baby cradle should be of foam mattress and that’s firm enough resilient when your baby change position.

6) Music and jingle for your baby:
Some baby cradle comes with soothing music that will ensure sound and cozy sleep for your baby.

Where to find the Perfect baby Cradle Online?

Recently I’ve bought the R for Rabbit Lullabies – New Born Baby Swing Cradle with Automatic Gentle Swing. This Baby Cradles that comes with above discuss Six Features You Must Not Miss While Buying Cradle For Your Baby.

R for Rabbit offers a diverse range of baby gear products including Baby Pram, Baby Stroller, Baby Walker, Infant Car Seat, Baby Bath Tub etc.

Features of their Products are:

  1. Safety Standards Certified
  2. Innovative and Patented Design
  3. Great Robust in Quality
  4. Excellent Service

This baby cradle is suitable for baby 0 to 1.5 Years and withstands 0 to 15 Kgs of body Weight.

Price: 7650 INR Buy at Amazon 

What Makes R for Rabbit Lullabies So Special?

1) EN certified- This cradle is EN Certified the most authentic certification by European standards for Safety of Babies.

2) Automatic & Manual Swing Mechanism: It comes with 5 speed motor with automatic and swing. It controls as per need i.e. 15, 30 & 60 minutes. If Swing is not required, it can be locked.

3) Soothing Music & Volume Controller: It has 18 tunes & 6 natures soothing music, comes with volume control.

4) Power Source: This work with battery and also through direct plugin power adapter

5) 3 Point Safety Harness: It has 3 point safety harness it secures the child in the cradle while sleeping.

6) Cutest & Safest Canopy: Beautiful Canopy and mosquitos net will ensure that will protect your baby.

7) Extra Cushion & Attractive Design: Lullabies has Extra Cushion which makes it cozy for baby. And a beautiful design that will look attractive to the baby.

All About The Woman Experience:

My Experience with R for Rabbit is extremely satisfactory. I really like the quality of Cradle. It’s designing is cozy and comfortable for the baby. The Mosquito net is very useful. And the automatic swing option reduces half of my burden. The soft music makes the little one sleep in no time and it’s great that it can be operated via adaptor also. 

If you are looking for a cradle that has the above-mentioned features, then R for Rabbit fits the frame perfectly with its quality and functionality. Which features you give utmost importance while buying a cradle for your baby to share.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, I’ve given my honest Review after my experience with The R for Rabbit Products!!

Disclaimer:   The views shared are my own. Any facts used in this post are purely meant for education purpose only and not to be substituted for professional advice. There is no commercial use of the above content.

P.C.: Rfor Rabbit

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