Rangroute Stories #Microblogging


What is Rangroute All About ?

Rangroute  promote authentic  Indian Art and Handicrafts  which brighten everything you do.Take the rangroute.

Website } Rangroute(dot)com 


How to Take the  Rangroute  way ?

Now  after falling in love with Rangroute Colourful & Vibrant Art forms , I am sure you are keen to inquire about them. You can contact them on Twitter , Instagram or mail them at [email protected] 


What is Rangroute Stories ?

Rangroute  tweet a photo and we tweet a story on it! Simple . Here giving you Glimpse about my  

Rangroute Stories & Luckily  I am successful in impressing them with one of my story  & won Rangroute  Goodies 🙂 . Have a look !!



First Story


  • That’s what called Demonetisation . For no reason we suffered to stand in queues & the results burnt our heart.
  • It’s getting darker , should our hunger vanish today or the pain of emptiness will continue ??
  • Little eyes,  Yummy dreams.Waiting for chance with empty stomach . Indeed chilies are always spicy to bite up .
  • Chilies love is in the Air  , Our life becomes hot & spicy , With just a glare.



Rangroute Stories #Microblogging
Second Story


  • The moment you touch me , A spark runs down my nerve . Feeling lively and energetic.  That’s called the power of love. { My Winning Entry }
  • How colourful am I & the transparent you You reflect the real me without a tear That’s why we make perfectpair.
  • Life is like a rainbow,from dark to light . We will never feel it’s fresh aroma unless we go for a dive.
  • No matter how polluted you be by humans Though I’ve to stuff but I’m with you like the love of fly and flower.
  • Oh that little drop brings me life If I want to Discover land ,how to survive Would my dream shattered wide.
  • It’s time to discover my real power Though I can’t stand without your shower But I want to feel the grace of God.



Rangroute Stories #Microblogging
Third Story


  • Make your life brighter & lighter , Go colourful with me . Cheers your skills Show the world real you & celebrate life
  • lets be a child again , take elephant ride , follow the jungle tribe  , Windup all the stress  , wear this blossom dress.
  • If u want to be happy , Paint your life with vivid colours . By bringing smile to ones face & fulling empty stomach .
  • though the path is narrow ,but it’s determination , that all matters . To knock down & not your physical boundation. 


Rangroute Stories #Microblogging
Fourth Story


  • Master who’s your favorite of us all .You are like fingers of hand , different but specifically important.
  • We are same , We are together . We support each other , that’s what matters . Unity is real strength & we know it better.
  • Don’t dance to the tune of other’s , create your’s own. Discover the real you & let emerge as the real hero.
  • Drama is art of living ,Though modernization takes away our innocence. This drama reminds how rich our culture is.
  • If we don’t dance for our master we will not be fed & be like strays & will have only option to eat polythene.

This post is For Rangroute.com  Activites  organised in collaboration with  Blogchatter,  however the views are personal. Rangroute  promote authentic  Indian Art and Handicrafts  and all the images used in this post are property of Rangroute.

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2 thoughts on “Rangroute Stories #Microblogging

  • January 29, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    What a find! I never knew you wrote a post on Rangroute stories. .I just love them and their spirit and somehow the rangroute stories have happened on the dullest of days for me. I won a while back too .. what did you win? you didn’t post your goodies pic.. your winning entry was well deserved!

    • January 29, 2017 at 10:10 pm

      thanks chandni . Yes i won Rangroute journals ,will post the pic soon 🙂


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