Power up Your BRAIN , Try these tips to Sharpen Memory

Power up Your BRAIN , Try these tips to Sharpen Memory

Healthy diet

Scientists recommend to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants like Apple, bananas, blue berries, green vegetables, carrots etc . These foods detoxify toxins that weaken the memory. Food containing Healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acid also benefits the brain found in sea food and dry fruits.

Healthy lifestyle

Early to bed and early to rise make us healthy wealthy and wise . Sound sleep helps in restoring brain power by consolidating memories. According to scientists, skipping a night’s sleep would result in loss or messing up of our new memories.

Healthy brain workouts

Let’s get back to childhood & play brainy games like crossword puzzles, jumbled pictures, sudoku, chess etc . These games would challenge your recall powers and test your memory. Avoid monotony , that is try to do the same thing differently , challenge your brain by learning new languages, or join dance classes or new hobby activities like baking etc . Switch to new route with your daily routine like brush up your teeth with opposite hand . In short do the unpredictable. Simplify brains activities , don’t do too many things at once. Put a questioner about important dates and events you want to remember. The brain would be benefited from this exercise and this also slows the ageing process.

Healthy aromatherapy

Scientists conclude that aromas profundity affect people’s cognitive abilities. The stronger your sense of your smell, the sharper your memory. Use electric diffuser to create new aromas at your home. When you wake up try to inhale strong aroma like rosemary etc. this will bloom up your brain & mood.

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    Hi, nice post. I did not that healthy aroma could have such a huge impact on our bran.

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