New Year Resolution that never works
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It’s Only a few weeks for New Year, hence each one of us is getting ready with our resolution list. The One New Year Resolution that never works, phew. I always make a long list of New Year Resolution,

 I accomplished many of them but also failed at many. One of the resolutions that are on my list & now turn into a nightmare is To lose weight. Yes, that’s the One New Year Resolution that never works for me.
It’s not that I’m overweight, but I want to be more fit & healthy. As soon as I put my foot forward on losing weight, my love for food come in between & I always break up.
Yes, I love to eat food, cook food, can’t leave without chocolates and sweets. Every morning I make up my mind to start dieting, but my mom cooks so delicious food that I decide to continue my plan after a meal .
Each day happens the same. Sometimes dad brings my favorite mangoes loaded with calories. Mangoes are my favorite, crazy about them. How can I say no to them? I meet them after a long wait of 8 months for only 3 months.
Whenever guests come to our house, we got to eat rich dishes like Biryani, mutton korma, Sheer korma, only a fool can break the heart of these yummy dishes. And I’m not a fool, So how can I?
We perform 1 month Ramzan fasting? I’m regular at it, but did you know, what we get at opening our fast loads of calories. Now tell me how can I control myself after long 15 HR fasting & eat only green veggies & tasteless diet food. Sorry I can’t
I make veggies, tasteless, oil free food, but my taste buds completely reject it. I set my time for morning jogging but I’m a late riser, so this also not work. No diet plans, no workout can break through my love for food.
Till now you have come to realize that I’m the big foodie and I completely failed in completing my resolution to lose weight. My brother always says you have to be Chef at least, you’re craving for food & our money will be saved.
This is my journey for the weight loss, The One New Year Resolution that never works. Do you have the same resolution failure? If Yes, then do shares yours, pen it down & share it with forfoodiefamily  . 
“I am writing for #FlashbackRefreshed activity at forfoodiefamily in association with Sandy’s Bake Studio.

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4 thoughts on “New Year Resolution that never works

    • December 19, 2016 at 9:18 pm

      yes its very difficult resolution to chase 🙂 thanks for stopping by

  • December 25, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    Happenz with me too:) well for me resolutions are to break . So i have literally xstopped making. Last i remember was weight loss which has not yet happenned so i guess its not worthwhile 🙂

    • December 26, 2016 at 9:29 am

      Yes resolutions are meant to break 😛 so that we can make new every year . Thanks for stopping by Richa


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