My Experience with the Tupperware My Lunch

We Indians are very foodie kinda people. From Kashmir to Kerala, from Mumbai to Kolkata we are connected with the thread of delicious and variant food cultures. Unlike others, we love to carry food to our workplace, be it school, college, office or travel. Our mothers, wife, sister never miss a chance to handover the Lunchbox loaded with love and flavors. But your happiness vanished the moment you take out the Lunchbox and it leaks and stains your bags, table, your clothes etc. To take over your frustration, Tupperware launches one-of-its-kind My Lunch that claims to give heavenly experience with your food. Read about My Experience with the Tupperware My Lunch.

Now say not to leak tiffin from which the food oozes out like a volcano. And destroy your mood and embarrassed in front of others. Tupperware brings the revolutionary rectangular for liquid retention. It has a Liquid-tight inner container that will not allow a single liquid food material to drip out of the box. Let’s have a look how:

My Experience with the Tupperware My Lunch

The product comes in a sturdy packaging. I’ve received the two vibrant colored Lunchboxes. The color, the material is of premium quality.

The moment I open it up, I’m upset why they send me a tiffin box, am I a kid. The moment I explore it, I laugh at my stupidity. It’s written on a card, that it’s a liquid-tight inner container which prevents liquid retention. And, now my review begins. I’ve tried with Curry-kofta recipe and Rice-raita recipe. I wish always wish to take away with me for lunch. But I can’t due to leaking tiffin boxes. I closed the box and shake it many times. Take it with me to the office.

Any guess, what happens next? Surprised to find out that I don’t find a single drop out of a small liquid container nor the oil drips from the lunch box.

Features of Tupperware My Lunch:

  1. Liquid Tight Inner Container
  2. The tab for easy opening
  3. Made from food safe material
  4. Sleek & compact
  5. Lightweight & easy to carry
  6. Nontoxic and Non-reactive

My Experience with the Tupperware My Lunch is very good. This will be my next companion on my way to work. Did you find my experience helpful? don’t forget to tell me your Lunch experience stories.

Stay happy, Stay healthy.

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