MamaEarth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes Review

MamaEarth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes Review

MamaEarth is the complete range of products for Baby and Mom. I’ve already used many of their products. Their Anti-hair fall kit comes like a savior for my hairs. The Stress Relief Tea is so refreshing that will rejuvenate and refresh up your mode. And the Apple Cider Vinegar is very effective for weight loss. MamaEarth has recently launched Organic Bamboo Based Wipes. Luckily I’ve received MamaEarth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes for review.

MamaEarth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes Review

Features of MamaEarth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes

  1. Organic Bamboo based cloth instead of regular polyester ones.
  2. No Rashes, biodegradable and environment-friendly.
  3. Thicker, stronger, more absorbent, easier, dispensing.
  4. Skin soothing plant-based formula with natural nourishers.
  5. Ph balances, Clinically Tested and Hypoallergic.
  6. Safe to be used on hands, face and baby’s bum.

MamaEarth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes Review


Rs 249 for 72 wipes.

Is your baby has Dry Skin, Rashes, Diaper Rash, Chicken Pox, Eczema, Insect Bites, Poison? Prevent by using this

Where to Buy:

Amazon or Mamaearth website.


  1. Hypoallergic.
  2. 100% Organic Bamboo Cloth.
  3. Made safe Certified.
  4. Pediatrician Tested.
  5. Made with the Goodness of Almond oil & Aloe Vera.
  6. The packaging is very good and sturdy.
  7. The packet comes with a Top Lid which locks the moisture of wipes.
  8. Toxins Free.
  9. Love the fragrance, mild and soothing.


I personally don’t find any cons. One thing the rates are slightly higher than other wipes in the market and it’s not available offline. You have to order it online but that’s not an issue as they have PAN India delivery.

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My Experience:

MamaEarth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes Review

The packaging of MamaEarth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes is very good. The lid makes It travel-friendly. It’s polyester free and made from bamboo which is organic and safe for baby skin. In addition, it is infused with natural organic extracts like shea butter, Almond oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

I’ve used this wipes to clean up my face and hands, love the soft and moisturized texture. This has been used by my sister-in-law for her baby. She loved using this for her baby. And one thing we have noticed and that It prevent baby rashes and moisturized the skin. MamaEarth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes is safe for baby skincare regime.

About The Woman Ratings: 4/5

That’s all from my side folks.

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed

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17 Replies to “MamaEarth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes Review”

  1. Organic product hai aur super soft bhi, brand to assured hai hi 👍👍
    Mamaearth k baaki products ki tarah ye bhi bahut accha hai 😊

  2. Very nice brand
    I love using prod for my son
    Body lotion and body wash
    Very nice for dry skin and keeps the skin hydrated
    Its gives balanced fragrance
    Not so strong and not so mild
    I am really happy that i found such brand and i have stopped using other products

  3. I love mama earth product which its a organic for kids i used for kids frankly to say it’s beat solution for nourished baby skin no side effect its purely based organic

  4. Mamasearth Epsom salt is the best the quality of the Epsom salf is amazing it helps for pain relief nd will surely going to try another products also😍😍😍😍❤❤💚😘

  5. THE best product by Mamasearth is Epsom salt it helps me to cure my pain i used it after a weak it relief my pain surely going to try another products too by Mamasearth❤❤💚😘😍

  6. I love mamaearth products beczz it z pure organic and no side effects.

  7. Bamboo wipes by far are the best and i am so glad mama earth has come up with this ..need to try it for sure

  8. I am hearing about this organic wipes and waiting for it to arrive from. amazon.Ecofriendly baby safe is best.

  9. I would choose a product which is organic anyday and this one is bamboo wipes so even better.

  10. The best part about this is that I found a lot of details, what I was actually looking for. An organic product that has no side effects, this is one is a real catch!

  11. Definitely heard lot of about mama earth products !theyvhave complete range for moms & baby’s!its pragmatic so nothing wording about side effects! Looking forward to try it out ! Love the way you presented Dr.Bushra you kept in mind each & every point thanks

  12. I am fan of mamaearth product..from mom to kids range..they hv everythg u need from tip to toe..for babies and moms..yet in organic so is very dificult to find good mosquito repellent, sunscreen and now lipchap for our tiny human beings and they have complete care product from big to small..still human tendency we want more..i want mamaearth to make hair styling cream or gel for young kids..

  13. Sindhu Vinod Narayan says: Reply

    Mamaearth range of products are mild and hypoallergenic to babies. I love the wipes, and the bath range which I have been using for my daughter.

  14. Hi i am zeenat here from babies_musthave on instagram..
    B4 i purchased mamaearth product which was so popular among momas on instagram..i was indecisive to invest and thougt its a marketing trick by the company like any other baby n mommy product..but my heart said i should try
    their product..because the review seemed to be so tempting and was completely exausted with my baby care the harsh season of winter have approached i wanted something which would keep my baby skin soft and supple with lot of moisturisation..a baby bath which should not strip my babies skin and a baby shampoo which should keep my babies hair soft and healthy..and also wanted a deet free mosquito repellent which is organic and can be applied to a young baby skin who is just 6 month i was going through on website..there was a beautifull bag with all baby essential product baby body wash,baby shampoo,moisturising lotion ,deet free mosquito repellent and i was so happy to get a baby sunscreen too all this just for 1500 and in my budget..along with the bag..immidiately i purchased n recievd in 2-3 days..and i didnt regreted my purchase..upto to my expection..better than anyother product in market and as name says with real goodness of earth…i have also purchase a hair care kit for my self and will receive it soon

  15. Surbhi Mehra Sikka says: Reply

    Mamaearth products are really good and safe to use for babies as they are organic.. after using it on my babies now I have started a product called face mask and after 2-3 use only I can feel the change in my skin.. love mamaearth

  16. Meenakshi Bhardwaj says: Reply

    When we talk about organic products we immediately think often healthy version of a product present in the market and chemical free products I recently brought mamaearth lip balm from nykaa ‘s black Friday Sale and I loved it I can’t say about other products but for me its an amazing brand… It didn’t only made for my lips super soft and plum but it has curd my crack lips too. It’s super moisturising and the best part is it’s the full set of lip balms for your family mama, papa, and for the child. I’ll definitely buy more products from mama earth cause they are skin loving, side effect free, well nourishing, organic, chemical free, safe yet budget friendly. Whats there to not try in this brand?#lovedit

  17. Meenakshi Bhardwaj says: Reply


Love to hear from you :)