MagicOfWarmth moments close to my heart #MagicOfWarmth

MagicOfWarmth moments close to my heart

Life is like a RAINBOW. Sometimes bright, sometimes Dark. And the same thing applies to the relationships. Sometimes Sweet, sometimes sour. But a gesture of love, support and warmth take away all the bitterness. My life also has special MagicOfWarmth moments close to my heart.


As it happens with every one of us when due to lack of conversation our relationship comes to pause. Despite being living together we stand far away from our loved ones. No one knows how & when this happened? 



I know this really happened to me and take away the warmth and comfort from my life. But a touch of MagicOfWarmth vanishes away the dullness of my life.

Working in a hospital brings lots of tensions along with responsibilities. And managing home along with that is quite a bit difficult. Meeting different kinds of people & their gestures upset my moods sometimes. And with this upset mood, I come to home feeling down.
Once there’s patient in labour with IUD(Fetus not alive). After clearing the whole case to the attendant they agreed to let us deal the case. But after delivery, they all started to behave weirdly and putting the blame of child death in the hospital.
Whoa, tough day that was. How we manage with that situation is another story.I come across many false patients reports that blow away my mind. For the sake of some pennies, people are selling their loyalty towards the profession.
Private practice is not so easy, and so the life. I come home with disturb mind, spoiled mood and lethargic body.My expressions reflect my attitude, I want to spend time alone. I usually get frustrated and upset, my mother from my gesture.
She used to bring the piece of advice every day to cope up with my work. Though I accept wholeheartedly, sometimes My Igo comes in between & mind don’t want them. I want to be free. In return, I get upset and burst out whosoever is in front of me. I feel sorry for my low temperament and accept my fault soon.
Candid moment of me & my mom from childhood
As action speaks louder than words. I know that this will not last longer. After all, she’s is a mother. She without fail support me through her love and blessings.  We spend quality time together sorting our differences. She forgets me soon without asking for “SORRY”.
Every day My mother chumps up my head with parachute oil. Her massage and light texture of Parachute oil works wonders. It’s like stress buster takes away all my worries. Make me relax, world calm and rejuvenate my mind. Fills me up with the positive energy & I can face the world more confidently.
This is the True MagicOfWarmth moments close to my heart. I don’t want to miss any seconds from them. 





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  1. Touch is a wonderful way to communicate love and ease to someone stressed. My husband loves having his head massaged when he comes home from a stressful day at work to relieve the tension that stress causes.

    1. thanks 🙂

  2. Yeah, it do happens in our day to day life and being a doctor we do face some unusual things which other’s can not even imagine, but as usual we have to handle all these things with a calm face and not suppose to react… Weird, but it’s a truth.

    1. yeah & thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Bushra, I really admire Doc’s patience as they have to deal with stress always. We can be vulnerable sometimes but a realization at end of the day makes everything right. Thanks for linking up with HappySunday.

    1. Thanks ?

  4. My parents are both doctors .. I see they go through so much daily. Even though they are stressed they look so composed and deal with patience. Hugs to all the doctors ?

    1. Thanks ?

  5. That is such an.adorable picture of you and your Mom, Bushra!
    Kudos to you, and all doctors ! How much patience and strength you’ll need to have!
    Truly admirable!

    1. thanks 🙂

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