How to Lose Weight detox up after festive season ?

Be it marriage or family get together, engagement or festival celebration there surviving small fear of weight gain. If you think you’ve gained weight during Celebrations ceremony kinda like Diwali, don’t panic. But deal with it before the fat starts to accumulate.
Given below are some measures about how to lose weight detox up after the festive season
Don’t starve
This is the most fundamental lesson that you should keep in mine. Don’t deprive your body of nutrition by starving yourself with drastic diets. Starvation won’t help to lose your fat else it directly leads to muscles loss.Muscles break down & loss promotes more fat storage, which is why you always gain the weight you lose right after dieting. Remember Food is the only thing that fuels your body and is your friend and not your enemy.
Smart eating 
Choose simple and smart eating in your diet regime. Include protein like sprouts and egg whites. Have 4-5 servings of fruit per day ( 100gm fruit per time). Eat veggies prepared without oil or their juices. But whatever you eat, Eat healthily and break up your larger meals in smaller ones that is eat every two hours. Like walking or running burns calories, in the same way eating meals frequently means your body calories keeps burning, burning
Don’t lose the oil
Cutting oil entirely leads to deprivations of fatty acids from your body. The lack of fatty acids dries up your skin apart from other side effects. You must include one teaspoon of oil your cooking throughout the day.
Hydrate your body by drinking. Drink about three to four liters of water. It can be plain water, coconut water, chaos, nimbu paani or lemonade.
Your body needs food, water, and sleep for effective functioning. There’s a strong link between weight gain and sleep deprivation. So catch up on your sleep. Remember early to bed & early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy & wise.
Walk, Run, cycle or get to know your treadmill better, sweet it off. In addition to eating right, one hour of explosive exercise is what you need.
How much detox your body needs?
It depends on how much you have abused your body. If you have binged for four days, detox for the same amount or a week and so on. But don’t overdo it, and trust your body during this process. The body is magical it knows what to do.

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