In this series of  Infertility , I’ve focus on all aspects of Infertility . its  types , causes  in male & female . Various Test performed , Treatment & their Advantages / disadvantages on couples . Here I tried to talk about all the confusions and the right time to consult , how Infertility counselling help .So let’s brush up our knowledge about Infertility. Hope this article will be a ray of hope for Couples!!


Should I discuss with my partner that I am visiting the doctor?


Yes, absolutely. If you have concerns regarding your fertility, no doubt you must talk to your partner – after all this is something which affects you both.

The thought that you may not be able to conceive may make it curious to visit your Consultant without another soul knowing, and this is normal human reaction . But it is always the best to be open, clear and honest about your health concerns.

Tell your better half that you are worried and always remember that  for fertility problems men and women are equally responsible so both of you need to be there.


When is the right time or moment to seek help ?


For most couples ‘How long will it take to get pregnant’ is one of the commonest questions they ask when they begin to actively try for a baby.

Unfortunately there is no set answer for this question, nor is there a definite method after which infertility is declared. Some couples are extremely lucky and find that they conceive after trying for just a short period of time. Others process takes far longer, often so long that anxiety, frustration and fear begin to set in.


Falling pregnant is entirely natural, but do you ever wonder that at what point should these concerns be taken to a medical professional?

  • A couple should visit their consultant if they have not conceived after one year of trying,
  • Women over the age of 35, and anyone who is aware that they may have fertility problems.


The Consultant check common causes of infertility and will also be able to suggest treatments and lifestyle changes that could help.


Infertility treatments


There are three main types of fertility treatment available :

  1. Treatment to assist fertility
  2. Surgical procedures
  3. Assisted conception, which may be intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).


Complications of  Infertility treatments :


  1. side effects of medication
  2. increased risk of ectopic pregnancy
  3. multiple pregnancy
  4. stress.



How could infertility counselling help?


Infertility is considered a taboo though we live in 21st century. So , it becomes compulsive for the suffering couple to be prepare mentally strong . This will come from counselling .

It’s obvious from Research, that Infertility has stressful affect on relationships. The condition is isolating and can impact on how a couple communicate with each other.

This problem also carry with it a sense of denial with sadness individually when pregnancy does not materialise. There persists feelings of fear, guilt and abandonment from the partner who feels the problem lies with them. Women can feel less feminine and men can feel less masculine in the face of infertility.

The couples dealing with infertility are more likely to feel unhappy with themselves and their marriages. It is important that one should learn how to express the feelings of sadness,loss and anger . Get relax & to have good support from people around you who understand your position.

Infertility is considered a taboo though we live in 21st century. So , it becomes compulsive for the suffering couple to be prepare mentally strong . This will come from counselling .

Apart from proper and regular medical investigations and treatment patients must be counsels   Mentally as well . The couple face high pressure from family and society .

Infertility counselling can widen the channels of communication and Brings the couples together & they learn to be in contact with eachother instead of ignoring  as they undergo counselling & yes this is going to be challenging course of action.

Every week I come across at least 2-3 couples on average going through problem Infertility. Lots of hope in eyes & pain in heart . I know its not easy to breakthrough , but it’s not impossible . I counsels them with all the positive vibes to Trust God , its not the End 🙂


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  1. Infertility is such a heartbreaking thing. I’ve known several couples who’ve struggled with this. I think it’s important that you write about it, as it reminds folks that they’re not alone. Blessings–

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  2. Good reminders about keeping communication open. As a single mom trying to conceive a sibling for my child from a previous marriage, I can attest to the stress of failures! I’ve been through two IUIs and am planning an IVF for this summer; I’ll only be able to afford one try so I hope they can get enough eggs to make sure there are a couple of healthy ones!

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  3. This is such a important post, you have written it like a friend or a counselor. I am sure women going through infertility will definitely thank you for writing this.

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  4. An excelled article about an important topic.
    Infertility needs sensitive handling.

    1. thanks 🙂

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