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For adding power to your words, creative writing skills are important for a blogger. The most difficult thing is that champion this skill for an aspiring blogger like me.

I’ve started food blogging 4 years back out of my passion to cook food. The attempt was not so serious and regular. Later I’ve come across a blogging challenge MyfriendAlexa via

I got myself registered and participate with zero knowledge about blogging. During that challenge, I realized that I should be blogging about more topics apart from food.

My English was very bad at starting and my posts are not in synchronization. But slowly all my thoughts get aligned and improve my writing a lot. Though still there are many faults in my English and I want to improve my creative writing skills.

Importance of Creative Writing in Non-fiction blogging

This year I got good news that Blogchatter is conducting Creative Writing e-course for free. I got myself enrolled at this fabulous opportunity. In the first week, We got to learn about Non-fiction writing skills via Aditya Sinha.

He shared insights that will help to strengthen our non-fiction writing. Some of the tips I’ve learned are:

  1. Facts are Important-The facts should intact and not get distorted during its presentation.
  2. Influence of Fake news- Satire writing is not so normal nowadays due to the influence of fake news.
  3. Faction Writing- Writers will get creative freedom by doing faction which blends of fact and fiction.
  4. Importance of Sources and resources- It should always be shared that facts are derived via narrative, which increases their authenticity. A writer can make it interesting for readers using creative skills.
  5. The best writing is simply written- The facts should be written easy to read, simple sentences. Aditya recommends to read “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and learn from writing style.
  6. The structure of a nonfiction book: It’s ideally chronological order with the reason behind the nonfiction intact. At the same time, it should be readable and accessible so that a reader doesn’t lose interests.
  7. Purpose of writing nonfiction: A reader should get to learn something new which is the truth.

How Blogchatter Creative Writing e-course will help us?

  1. Creative Writing e-course will be of 3 months duration.
  2. Participants will get exclusive sessions by mentors who will help us in writing, editing, and marketing.
  3. We have to collect all the knowledge and makes our notes.
  4. We will get evaluated at the end of the course.

What do I want to achieve from Blogchatter Creative Writing e-course?

I want to learn helpful tips from this course that will strengthen my blog work. I want to create interesting content that will be loved by my readers and want to implement the tips on my E-books also.

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