Not satisfied with your SELFIES? Or don’t know how to take best SELFIES. Your friend’s unfailing beautiful SELFIES no matter what the settings are. Don’t be disappointed, Your photos can also be loaded with likes from friends. You can do it too. Sharing some secrets of being photogenic at all times. Shhhhhh doesn’t tell this to anyone.

Wear Solid colored

All patterns don’t work well. Patterns are a bit distracting. Play safe by sporting a solid top or dress, it usually produces best results.

Keep Hair over your shoulder 

Simply draw your hair layer over both shoulders, towards the front this simplest trick would create a better frame for your face.

Flatter your eyes 

Go for double coat mascara or thicker eyeliner and Kajal or you can play with some pretty eyeshadow colors.

Say no to nude lips

Nude lipstick may look stunning in person but it never gives good results with photographs. Have a look at your favourite fashion icon SELFIES, with bright pout which you like the most.

Play with Angles

Throw away that old boring pose. Tilt your phone a little, play with angles and you will find one that suits the best.

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