How To Shop Online Dresses For Pear Shaped Figures

Confessions of a (plump) shopaholic – How to dress for pear-shaped figures? Pear-shaped figures are curvy and sexy, and they’re a lot of fun to dress. Presenting the best tips on picking the right silhouettes and embellishments while Shopping Online Dresses.

The Best Tips on Shopping Online Dresses

It is the bane of every woman’s life that she finds at least one body part or feature completely unflattering. It may be a large nose or a large behind, tiny feet or scanty hair. But most women have a problem with their body types – subscribing to Western standards of beauty, they want smaller waists and hips, slim buttocks and long legs.

But most Indian women are blessed with curves, and their hips and buttocks are rounded and actually quite sexy. The body type with a wider hip than the shoulders is known as a ‘pear shaped’ body, and it sometimes includes a small bust line as well. You’re in luck if you have a pear-shaped body – it is a wonderful body type to dress since most clothing looks great on it. So stop trying to hide away your stunning curves, and embrace your sexy body with these shopping hacks to suit your pear-shaped body:

Go long, Not Wide.

Since your mid-section is already quite wide, you must dress so as to draw attention away from it. This means dresses and tops with horizontal stripes are out. Lengthen the torso with knee-length shrugs, or an empire-cut dress. On the days you want to flaunt your tiny waist, opt for a short dress cinched at the waist with a slim belt, but wear a small jacket to avoid looking boxy.

The Right Pants Will Do The Trick.

If you want to elongate your torso, wear wide bottomed pants and peed-toed shoes. This look will visually lengthen your legs and make your midsection look slimmer. Avoid three-fourth length pants or cargo pants in denim or cotton, and opt for fitted pants in any material, preferably in black or navy blue to add a slimming effect. Avoid embellishments on the pants, like jewels and side pockets on the thighs.

Focus Attention on Your Shoulders and Bust.

Counteract the wideness of your hips by accentuating the smallness of your shoulders and bust line. Wear a low cut blouse with a push-up bra or a top with shoulder and bust detailing. Slim fitted tops and button down shirts work best with your body type. Buy A-line blouses and online dresses to slim down the hips and sweep the eye line from top to bottom instead of sideways.

Note The Challenges You Might Face.

If you buy structured dresses online, you might find the fit a little wonky – the dress might be too tight for your lower body while fitting the top half perfectly. Look for A-line or empire cut online dresses that do not challenge your body to fit into them. Also, darker colors are your friends, as a layer. Layering works really well in the cold winter months, but don’t pile on heavy woolen shrugs. Opt for linen or cotton instead, and buy knee-length overcoats instead of blazers that skim the hips.

Once you’ve understood the beauty of your pear-shaped body and what looks best on it, picking dresses online becomes a breeze.

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed.

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  1. I am pear shaped and yeah sometimes hate buying online. I’d love to try these tips.

  2. Dine Delicious says: Reply

    These days online shopping is what everyone prefers, and these tips would surely help pear shaped people to buy right dresses

  3. Very useful article! It will surely help many girls who get confused while shopping dresses for themselves….

  4. Glad to see article which help differently shaped woman choose the right wardrobe.

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  6. Nice research and tips. Perfect post with the festivals around.

  7. These are actually some very good ideas even for me as a guy with a very pear figure 🙂

  8. This is definitely going to help me next time I decide to shop online. These are some practical and wonderful tips.

  9. Awesome. I am sure this post will get many comments and likes. Thanks for sharing.


  10. The dresses look great. I especially loved the pants. They can actually make a difference.

  11. The ideas are great for buying thw rigjt clothes for pear shaped figures.Thanks for the motivatiin to shop right.

  12. I have never bought dresses online because i am scared of my body shape but thanks for suggesting these tips will definitely help a lot!!!

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