Why Should You Try Himalaya PureHands hand sanitizer at least once? #Himalayawellness

Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer

Quite a few years back I get amazed when my 5yr old school going brother take out the bottle and clean up his hands. I asked him what is this? He replied that’s Hand sanitizer, compulsory to use during school hours. Indeed we are like living in hitech century and kids are smarter than us. Regular use of soap and water make my hand’s skin more sensitive and dry so I opted for hand sanitizer and found my skin condition improved. I used 90% alcohol-based sanitizer as the bacteria are more dramatic in hospitals. Recently few weeks backs I got a chance to try my hands on Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer. Before talking about My experience with Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer let’s have a look at some facts and figures about hand sanitizers and your health.

According to the WHO 80 percent of infection spread through contaminated hands including swine flu. Hence WHO recommend hand hygiene as first line of defence against infection.

Since water and soaps are not available all the time hand sanitizers come to rescue.

What do you mean by Hand sanitizer?

It’s alcohol based formulation with thin viscous consistency effectively kills microorganism And hence decrease hand infection.

How to use hand sanitizer?

Take coin sized sanitizer on hand. Rub it thoroughly on hands until dry. Don’t use water, or cloth to wipe this will vanish the effects of sanitizer.

When do I use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer?

Soap and water are the best way to clean your hands. But they are not available all the time like while traveling, meeting etc. Hand sanitizer proved to be a great option I these situations. It’s recommended to use hand sanitizer with 60% of alcohol content.

According to WHO healthcare guidelines on hand hygiene, it’s found that alcohol-based hand sanitizer was more effective than plain soap and water in preventing the transmission of bacteria.

  •  Routine hand cleansing.
  •  Before eating.
  •  Before and after attending a meeting a sick person.
  •  Before touching kids
  •  While traveling.
  •  After using the public washroom.
  •  After handling pets
  •  After visiting a hospital.

Will bacteria become resistant on consistent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers

No regular use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers doesn’t makes bacteria resistant. The alcohol in Sanitizers causes cell membrane disruption and that’ll not make the bacteria resistant. Hence the regular use of sanitizer is safe.

What makes Himalaya PureHands hand sanitizer different From others

Himalaya PureHands hand sanitizer is alcohol based sanitizer which claims to kill 99.9% of germs and prevent infection. studies show that Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer significantly reduces microbial germs that can cause a variety of illnesses.

It is absolutely safe for regular use. It contains moisturizers that prevent skin irritation and dryness. The product has been clinically tested, and its safety and efficacy are proven.

Himalaya Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer comes in 5 different variants

Lemon is transparent in color & has light and refreshing smells of lemons!  Orange is deep orange in color & has light and refreshing smells of orange!  Strawberry is deep pink in color & has light and refreshing smells of strawberry!Green apple is light green in color & has light and refreshing smells of Apple!Litchi is light pink in color & has light and refreshing smells of litchi   ( this one is my favouriteflavour! )  Ingredients   PureHands contains extracts of herbs like Coriander, lime, Neem   which have antimicrobial antibacterial, fungicidal and   antiviral properties. They softens the hands, prevent dryness   and itching and kills germs and has astringent properties.  Directions for use:  Squeeze small amount of gel on palms and rub thoroughly   on your hands until dry.  Price:  Rs 80 for 100ml  Pros  => Packaging is easy to use & travel friendly  => Non-sticky consistency  => Small amount is used at a time.  => Come in refreshing flavours  => Don't cause dryness and itching  => safe for regular use  => Clinically tested  => Effective against bacteria and fungi.  Cons: I don’t find any cons.Himalaya PureHands hand   sanitizer are safe to use    ALLABOUTTHEWOMAN Ratings: 5.0/5 


They come in a sturdy small transparent plastic bottle with flip top caps that fit tightly and doesn’t leak which makes it travel-friendly.

The sanitizer has thin viscous gel-like consistency and easily spread and absorb through skins. After cleaning my hands I found the skin more moisturized leaving behind leaving behind the refreshing smell. My skin gets deteriorates with the consistent use of soap and water, make it dry and itchy. The presence of herbs like Coriander, lime, Neem which has antimicrobial antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral properties. They soften the hands, prevent dryness and itching and kills germs and has astringent properties.

I’m in love with theHimalaya PureHands hand sanitizer because I get soft, sweet smelling, clean hands within seconds. I’ll definitely recommend to my readers as they are safe, affordable, keep skin soft and moisturized, prevent itching and comes in flavor that’ll refresh you up.

I hope that now you’ve learned and feel more confident to choose best Hand sanitizer. So pamper your hands with Himalaya PureHands hand sanitizer and don’t Forget to share your experience

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, I’ve given my honest Review after my experience with The Himalaya Wellness products!!

Disclaimer:   The views shared are my own. Any facts used in this post are purely meant for education purpose only and not to be substituted for professional advice.  There is no commercial use of the above content. 


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  1. I really need to give their hand sanitizers a try. They sound nice.

  2. This reminds me that I am out of sanitizer. I love using Himalaya products and I am sure this one wouldn’t disappoint me

  3. You will always find hand sanitizer son my bag. I am freaked about germs on my hand and make sure I carry one.

  4. Thanks mam for hosting this wonderful giveaway. Hand sanitizer very much required with small kids my daughter who is 4+.love to do things which create lots of mess and every time I have to guide her to wash hands. With kids hand sanitizer most useful and Himalaya hand sanitizer is like tough on gems and gentle on hands . Hand sanitizer is always like extra expense for me but I always try to get dettol small pack for my daughter

    Done with all the rules

  5. I want to use it as it is natural ,safe & will be a better way to stay clean & free from desease

  6. I want to use it as it is natural ,safe & will be a better way to stay clean & free from desease

  7. Hand sanitizer’s are perfect when traveling and if kids have no access to clean water. I love Himalaya brand.

  8. Himalaya hand sanitizer good for me and my family protect from dieases(fungal infection and bacteria ) that come from hands it is easy to use and safe and clinically tested it is used when we have no water and soap to clean hand. easy to carry with great fragrance . It is safe for regular use.wish to win for my family .????to good reviews done by @allaboutthewomen .???????????????join friend on fb and insta and twitter also

  9. diksha jain1988 says: Reply

    I am having this with and its a ossm product in green apple varient and its very useful while travling ♡♡♡

  10. I have used Himalaya’s lemon …i guess…but this seems to be a new range…and litchi is what I love!!

  11. I use himalaya sanitizer. The best part about this product is that it does not smell like medicine, which is true with other brands. Thank you for introducing me to all varieties from Himalaya.

  12. I believe and do use sanitizers while travelling . I am a hostelite so on vacations or even for going to lunch with friends ,carry a sanitizer along. Sanitizers are a handy and a must have . It is of so much use while travelling , especially train and bus journeys.
    The favourite brand of sanitizer i use is himalaya itself. Its safe and handy n dont require a big space.
    Handy ,usefull and hygienic

  13. These look great. I really need to give their hand sanitisers a try. I already am using their baby products.

  14. Hand Sanitizer is the most essential product in my bag. This one from Himalayas look great.

  15. U had me at litchi sanitizer❤❤, it sounds amaziiiing

  16. I love Himalayas products. Thou this is not a must for me, these looks good. Esp different varieties.

  17. worldofmakeupmagique says: Reply

    I have tried this before and loved it … but I wasn’t aware that they offer such a variety

  18. I have the orange one from this range and it’s very good

  19. I like that they are soft on hands as most sanitizers dry my hands out. And in so many different types too. Great choices.

  20. This small bottle of sanitizer is always in my bag. Its a must have thing for me and for my daughter. It’s really useful to keep away germs while travelling or any where.

  21. These have always been a part of my travel kit with my kids, especially during train journeys when kids could go to great extent of getting themselves dirty.

  22. I would really like to try these hand sanitized I was using lifeboy sanitized before but not that satisfied ..❤️❤️❤️thank you for the amazing Giveaway its a biggest wish to win .. Following all the rules …????????love allabouththewoman

  23. I have tried the lemon hand sanitiser from himalaya and can vouch for the excellent quality

  24. they are smelling amazing. I love that lemon variant most.

  25. I first used hand sanitizer in Kingfisher airlines ages ago and since then fell in love with the idea of dry cleaning hands. This is the best review have read so far talking about why should it be used.

  26. Sanitisers are such a great creation. I would love to try these out too 🙂

  27. I travel for 2 hours via bus everyday.. i just cant do without sanitizer! Himalaya one is too good

  28. I travel soo frequently I would surely try the strawberry hand sanitizer

  29. i love the new range.. the litchi one is my FAV!!

  30. Oh i just love this series of sanitizers. They smell amazing.

  31. HImalaya is a brand that we trust and sanitizes became my best friend since I became mom. I am definitely going to try these soon.

  32. I’ve actually used them. The fragrance is so real that I’m always tempted to taste them

  33. Lovely giveaway !! Now for the question – Sanitisers are must in every toddler moms !!! We never know wen they touch wat n try to eat with the same hands !!! I always have one in d bag !!! I have been switching between Himalaya n dettol sanitisers!!!

  34. Wow so many hand sanitizers in one place. Loved the picture. With regards to the Himalaya sanitizer I love and use the strawberry one for my daughter.

  35. Such an informative blog post and would surely try these !

  36. I have not used beyond Dettol when it comes to sanitizer- I will give it a try

  37. I use the Himalaya hand sanitizer and various other Himalaya products. I swear by this trusted brand.

  38. I use the lemon one, usually. 🙂 It’s quite nice. very fragrant too.

  39. I use many of the products by Himalaya but havent tried a hand sanitizer. Shall try this the next time I buy one.

  40. Recently been hearing a lot about this.. Will try this one

  41. This is once more a product I use. And I do wish people would get into the habit of using hand sanitizers. If they read up on it, they would realize how valuable it is.

  42. #HimalayaWellness thanks mam 4 such a lovely useful giveaway.. I’m very much cleanliness freak n fir me hand sanitizer will be most useful while we r travelling in public transports n we don’t have soap or don’t want to use others soap..These r travel friendly n moreover comes in sweet fruity fragrance that kids love n totally hygienic…. Set top is my fav hand sanitizer brand n I’m really excited to try Himalaya now …

    Done with all steps ?

    1. Spelling mistake …. Dettol is my fav hand sanitizer brand

    2. Love your thoughts on sanitizer Do try Pure hands sanitizer and don’t forget to tell your experience

  43. I’m already using this product. And I am a big fan of it. You have penned down it very nicely. Happy to connect with you for #MyFriendAlexa !!!

    1. Yes its very good

  44. wow..Himalaya has came up with sanitizer as well. I love this brand. My favorite would be Orange. Somehow I like citrus smells when it comes to hand wash or sanitizer.

    1. My Favourite is Litche

  45. Himalaya’s PureHands is the first of its kind, as it is an effective, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which kills 99.9% of germs, prevents infection, and ensures total hand hygiene.The use of hand sanitizer can reduce the risk of different diseases like flo, E-coli, diarrhea and many others. I would highly recommend this Himalaya’s PureHands Hand Sanitizer is using by my kids my 4 year daughter using it at school before eating and after playing, sneezing or coughing. I think this way we can really ensure total hand hygiene and germ protection.
    wish to win team for me and my family????????????????

    1. Glad you liked it best wishes

  46. Hand sanitizer traveling me, public place me bahut hi useful rehta hai, main bag me hamesha hi ek bottle rakhti hu, koi brand fix nahi hai, store per jo accha dikha wo le leti hu lakin ab isko try karna chahungi ??

    1. aapko try karna chahiye. Afoordable hai aur safe bhi

  47. I always carry a hand sanitizer with me and I use it if I have to eat something and don’t have access to soap or after using public washrooms especially while travelling. I haven’t used the Himalaya hand sanitizers but going by your review I think they are worth a try!

    1. Yes its very good

  48. Krishna Khajanchi says: Reply

    Himalaya Purehands hand sanitizer looks safe for regular use

    1. yes its

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