Wellness Guide to your First Menstrual Period – Part 2

You must have many interesting stories with your The First Menstrual period. And at that time we had been wishing to have more knowledge about periods so that we can face it with more confidence. On my very First Menstrual period, I get very feared and associate it with illness ūüėõ

If You’re a teen or your daughter or younger sister approaching towards her first period, Then this article is for you. Don’t get embarrassed about your First Menstrual period, It’s a natural phenomenon.

You probably wondering about your First Menstrual period. How will you feel, how long it will occur, how to take care of yourself, what personal care products to use, How to track your date, What kind of complications can occur?

Start with the basic Guide to First Menstrual period where we are talking about your period and clearing your confusion.

Recommend some personal care products for me during my menstrual period!!

Different kinds of personal care products are available to use, which soak up the menstrual flow during the menstrual period. Like Pads, Tampons etc that can be used according to your comfort level.

How are pads used?

Pads come in different sizes, styles, and thicknesses and are worn inside your underwear. Some pads have extra sides called wings that fold over the edges of your underwear to help keep the pad in place and give better protection. 

A variety of pads are available in the market, choose as per your blood flow and comfort level. The pad package will tell you how much fluid it will absorb. You can choose from Stay Free, Whisper etc.

How are tampons used?

Tampons are of two types. Tampons With applicator tube will help to slide the tampon in place. Tampons without applicator are inserted with the help of your fingers. Tampons have a short string attached at the end, this will hangs out of your vagina and use to remove the tampon.

Tampons also come in different sizes for heavier and lighter periods. The package will tell you how much fluid it will absorb. Choose thicker tampon for heavy periods and slim tampon for lighter flow.

How often should I change my Pad or tampon

It’s recommended to Change your pad or tampon at every 4‚Äď8 hours duration or when it seems full or feels wet and uncomfortable. Wearing the same pad or tampon for longer duration can sometimes lead to toxic shock syndrome. If you feel that your menstrual flow is heavier, try to change it more often.

What are the different problems associated with periods?

Since everyone has different body structure and so the symptoms. Most of you don’t have complaints during periods. But many girls complaints during periods. 

These problems can be cramping pain in the lower abdomen or back or legs or breast tenderness. Some of you get headaches or feel dizzy, nausea or diarrhea during or before periods.

Apart from these some severe problems associated with a menstrual period is:


Amenorrhea means not having a menstrual period. Some girls don’t have their periods until 16 years, it’s normal. But if there is the absence of menstrual period for more than 3 months and you are unmarried or not pregnant, then it’s considered as Amenorrhea

heavy bleeding during menstrual period 

Menstrual period with heavy bleeding is considered when you have to change your pad every 1‚Äď2 hours or if your period lasts for more than 7 days. Symptoms like intense pain, light-headed, dizzy, or have a racing pulse can be seen.

Irregular periods 

The menstrual period is said to irregular when it doesn’t occur on time either too early before your date or too late after your date. Like, your period comes more often than every 21 days or less often than every 45 days.


You should tell your doctor if your periods are absent, irregular, heavy bleeding during periods or any problems associated with the menstrual period. 

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