Goals that make me Fit and healthy – Learn and #Beinspired Series

With so much of well-curated advice around the globe, it’s not easy to choose the best fitness regime for a healthy body. Everyone has different fitness goals with a different overview to achieve them.

Goals that make me Fit and healthy

In this Goals that makes me Fit and healthy – Learn and #Beinspired Series we’ll talk to experienced trainers whose extreme fitness success stories will inspire you.  Their fitness journey will keep you grounded and give you a broader outlook to incorporate Goals that makes me Fit and healthy.

In this interview, we are talking with fitness enthusiast Rajlakshmi who is a Software Engineer, Travel/ Lifestyle blogger, and a Yoga enthusiast. You can follow her Fitness Journey at Pixelatedtales(dot)com. Thanks, Rajlakshmi for the extremely inspiring interview.

Tell us something about Yourself

Goals that makes me Fit and healthy

I am a military brat hailing from Assam. Most days you would find me reading about Parallel Universes, trying my hand at Zentangles or watching the world – upside down. By the day, I am a software engineer, developing mobile apps and web applications. 

Travelling is my passion, writing keeps my creativity alive, Yoga is a part of my lifestyle and, more often than not, I end up setting off the fire alarm while cooking.

I strongly believe in Karma – what goes around, comes around. And therefore, no matter how small, I avoid negativity.

What prompted you to start?

Goals that makes me Fit and healthy

My fitness journey was rather sporadic 4 years ago. I tried to be disciplined and failed many times. But after I relocated to Sydney, I became more serious and determined about taking care of health. I wanted to go hiking and on long coastal walks but due to lack of stamina and strength, I used to get tired very easily. Slowly, I started jogging and walking in evenings, and then moved to do cardio and Yoga.

What is your routine?

I have a typical 9 to 6 job, so the only time I get to exercise is in the evenings. Most days I walk from the train station to home, which takes about 20 minutes. Then once I am home, I spend the next 30-45 minutes working out. I keep changing my routine – some days I follow fitness videos by Blogilates and concentrate on strengthening my core, abs, and legs. Other days I do Yoga – stretches, backbends, and inversions. And if I am not in the mood of doing any of these, I dance. 🙂

Please describe your fitness journey, including your before and after results.

Goals that makes me Fit and healthy

During the initial days, I wasn’t really sure how to start a workout regime. I started walking but didn’t have any achievable goals. That actually didn’t help. So I broke down all my goals into weekly and monthly goals – like walking for 30 min for a week or 30 min of cardio twice a week. I kept them small and achievable. This helped me to train myself to start a routine. I followed a lot of fitness videos on Youtube and kept doing them as much as possible. Slowly, I increased the intensity, included weights and arm balances to my workout.

I have slowly transformed from a restless soul to someone who is more at peace mentally. When you concentrate all your energy into your wellbeing, there’s no space for negative thoughts – for yourself or anyone else.

Physically, I feel I am stronger than before. There were many Yoga asanas that I used to think were beyond my capabilities like Side Crow or Eka Pada Koundiyasana. It felt absolutely magical the day I was able to transition into one of them. Yoga is a humbling experience. It keeps you grounded and never lets your ego get the better of you. It teaches you patience and persistence. If you can’t do a pose today, that’s alright, keep trying harder.

Also, when I do a handstand, there’s this awesome feeling of achievement. 🙂

What is the secret to your fitness?

There’s actually no secret  🙂 The moment I decided to make fitness a part of my lifestyle and not simply a short term goal, I saw myself more determined and less intimidated by the whole journey.

How do you stay motivated?

Goals that makes me Fit and healthy

I follow a lot of amazing fitness accounts on social media like Kino Yoga, Blogilates, Kayla Itsines, Amanda Bisk. Their pictures, videos, and tips for better lifestyle keeps me motivated and always on my toes. Apart from that, my husband is a Fitness enthusiast too and never fails to remind me of a missed workout or when I am being too negligent with my eating habits. We sometimes workout together – doing cardio, weights or crunches.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

Just a few parting tips 🙂 “Everyone has to start somewhere”  – A 15-minute stretch early morning, jogging to the bus stop, a walk around the office campus, breathing exercises, spinal twists, a game of tennis with the kids, swimming and not to forget mindful eating. followed with a balanced diet. These are a few changes that one can easily include in their lives. There is no shortcut to a healthy body after all. Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk about things I am passionate about. I really enjoyed answering the questions.

That’s all Readers. You can stay motivated on your Fitness Journey With our Goals that make me Fit and healthy – Learn and #Beinspired Series.
Till then Stay Happy, Stay Blessed!!

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