Goals that make me Fit and healthy – Learn and #Beinspired Series

With so much of well-curated advice around the globe, it’s not easy to choose the best fitness regime for healthy body weight. Everyone has different fitness goals with a different overview to achieve them.

Goals that make me Fit and healthy

In this goal that makes me Fit and healthy – Learn and #Beinspired Series we’ll talk to experienced trainers whose extreme fitness success stories will inspire you. Their fitness journey will keep you grounded and give you a broader outlook to incorporate Goals that make me Fit and healthy.

In this interview, we are talking with fitness enthusiast Zainab who is a fitness/ Travel/ Lifestyle blogger, and a fitness freak. You can follow her Fitness Journey at Her Blog SlimExpectations(dot)com. Thanks, Zainab for the extremely inspiring interview.

Tell Us something about yourself

Hi, I’m Zainab or Z, as everyone calls me!
I’m a SAHM and started blogging back in 2013! But, starting fresh again in 2015!

What prompted you to start?

I used to have a fav pair of seven jeans, which was my go to! I was traveling out of the country, and packed the jeans and no I did not try it! Well, it did not fit and I felt very upset! At that moment I weighed myself and was shocked to see 73 kilosGoals that make me Fit and healthy

What is your workout routine?

I don’t have a gym membership and workout at home! Once my kids go to school, I have my breakfast catch up with blogging! Then I  start my workout. My workout includes of HIIT workouts majorly and once or twice  a week I do a long run (You can find more about my workouts on my blog)

Please describe your fitness Journey?

My journey is still an ongoing one, I’m around 65-66 kilos– and I still have to lose 5 kilos!
I did reach 62 kilos but I gained back 🙁 But that’s life, and you have to take it with a pinch of salt! Of course, that doesn’t mean that we gain all the weight back, it just means to stop feeling bad and dive right back in the journey!

I have lost about 7 kilos in total and lot of inches!

Goals that make me Fit and healthy

What is the secret to your fitness?

I just want to live a life when I can climb more stairs than taking elevators, that’s the reason I want to stay fit! Also, I want shopping to be fun.

How do you stay motivated?

I have my bad moments, days and months! I think you just have to push yourself to motivate yourself!  I  feel I would not like to weigh 70 kilos again- so that makes me work towards it

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

Yes, I would like to tell anyone who is starting a weight loss journey that, pls don’t do crash diets! They simply don’t work! Do something you can stick forever!
You can find lots of tips on my #atoz challenge on my blog!
That’s all Readers. You can stay motivated on your Fitness Journey With our Goals that make me Fit and healthy – Learn and #Beinspired Series. Read more article from this series here.
Till then Stay Happy, Stay Blessed!!

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