What’s Inside the Glamego Box September 2017

What's Inside the Glamego Box September 2017

We all want to get our hands on the newly launched products. But as beauty enthusiast, we also want to test the sample before going for pricey products. To solve overcome this, the trend for Beauty Subscription box has started off. The products in these boxes are not only very good at quality plus money saving also. So, following the trend I’ve tried a Beauty Subscription box – Glamego Box September 2017. Trust me guys it’s top my list of Beauty Subscription box till date. Before going into details about What’s Inside the Glamego Box September 2017, let’s Have a look at facts about Glamego Box

Tell me something about Glamego Box

Glamego Box is the best online Subscription box in India. They provide exclusively curated beauty and personal care products every month. You’ll get 4 products with every monthly subscription at just ₹399/- inclusive of free shipping. Apart from this you can Get the box for 299/- for 6-month plan

What’s Inside the Glamego Box September 2017

Glamego Box September 2017 ty box is loaded with the surprise for skincare enthusiasts! This month theme is Eye Nailed with Care. It’s observed that Eyes get started aging from the age of 20’s. So Glamego comes with a profound note to pamper your eyes with the exclusively curated product for eyes. I love this month theme. So, Let’s check What’s Inside the Glamego Box September 2017? I’ve received 4 products, 3 skincare +1 makeup product worth ₹1500/- at just ₹399/- inclusive of free shipping. Means along with quality products, you save 1100 Rs

Under eye serum – 650/- (Neemli)

Under Eye Serum comes in 9ml from Premium Brand Neemli which actually costs 650/- The product comes in a roll-on tube that’s travel-friendly. This Under Eye Serum effective for dark circles and puffiness of Eyes. Use it before going to bed by rolling it around eyes, so easy to use na. This is my favorite product from the box.

What's Inside the Glamego Box September 2017

My experience with Neemli Under Eye Serum is very satisfactory. I’ve been using since 15 days and I noticed that my dark circles actually started disappearing. Under Eye Serum absorbs quickly into the skin, contains mild fragrance of the geranium oil. It’s made from. So don’t forget to pamper your eyes with Under Eye Serum in your daily routine.

French formulated Nail polish – up to 349/- (Bella Voste)


The second product is French formulated Nail polish Rs 349/- from Bella Voste in florescent Orange shade. I love the shade, you have the option to choose your shade which is very good as we all want to pick your favorite nail color.

Organic Skincare Soap -125/- (Biobloom)

Next Product is Handmade Organic Skincare Soap from Biobloom. Loaded with the goodness of Neem, Aloe Vera, and Basil this soap will pamper your skin. The presence of Coconut oil will moisturize your skin thoroughly. I love using handmade soaps and I’m happy they have provided it in a box.


Shower Gel – 189/- (Mcaffiene)

Last but not the least comes the Shower Gel worth Rs 189/- from Mcaffiene. It’s made from Caffeine, Taurine, and Vitamin E. The shower gel comes with mild fragrance and texture so you can use it on your face also. In addition, it’s paraben free which makes it special. After Neemli I love to use Shower Gel.


The products are Organic, toxin-free, Paraben free and actually shows up the results what they claim. Plus we receive product worth ₹1500/- at just ₹399/- inclusive of free shipping. Means along with quality products, you save 1100 Rs


I don’t find any cons


If you are looking for organic and newly launched products. And you don’t want to spend extra bucks on new products. Glamego Box is exclusively curated for you. The products are very good at quality and at very discount prices (almost three times of their price). The Packaging is very good so products arrived at you safely without damage. The products I’ve used actually effective and results are satisfactory. Among the four I’m going to order Neemli Under Eye serum and Mcaffiene shower Gel again.

Buy Here Glamego Box  or at Instagram Here

Do try  Glamego Box September 2017 and don’t Forget to share your experience, till then.

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed!!


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, This is my honest Review of my experience with The Glamego Box!!

Disclaimer:   The views shared are my own. Any facts used in this post are purely meant for education purpose only and not to be substituted for professional advice.  There is no commercial use of the above content.


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  1. This box comes in with some amazing goodies! 👌

  2. Products look great, especially the shower gel

  3. Oh I loved hand made soap actually like such products

  4. The handmade organic soap looks good. Other products too seem like a steal at this price.

  5. Glamebox for sure is worth, especially when you get products with 1500 at 399….!. Also all products are of good quality. Hand made soap looks really good.

  6. I really want to try out Neemli under eye serum and bella voste nail paint. The box looks super. 😍

  7. sushmitamalakar says: Reply

    So many boxes and bags in the market, it’s so difficult choose one! Thanks for the review 🙂

  8. Glamego Box are the best ones.. I just love thier products..

  9. Love your reviews- especially the under eye gel!

  10. All the products seems amazingly superb. Nail shade looks very nice. Hand made soap also looks great

  11. Quite frankly I’m a bit sceptical about using products I’ve never heard of . Thanks for sharing this information though

  12. I loved the soap!! It was so fragrant!!

  13. This is a good value box. i like the collection of products selected in this.

  14. Hi Dr.Bushra! Such a lovely blog. Thes sample beauty box looks lovely. I didnt know you had a YouTube channel..thats so awesome. Will be coming back for more. Love and Cheers!

  15. My Closet Diary says: Reply

    Great review, would loved to try the Neemli under eye roll.

  16. Thanks for such a detailed review. And that’s definitely on my list.

  17. Wow what a deal… Love the neemli under eye gel…Will check Glamego box now ! Thank you for such an honest review

  18. this box has amazing products , thanks for sharing

  19. Glamego is doing good and slowly becoming a fav.

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