5 Woman Quirks I Am Thankful For

Being a woman I never miss a chance to be thankful for the woman quirks. They are the one to make our life easier and give us light moments.

5 Woman Quirks I Am Thankful For

Here are the five Woman Quirks I Am Thankful For:

I’m beautiful

Whether fat or thin, black or white, illiterate or Educated women never ever estimated their beauty. Nor they entertain any negative comments about it. They are comfortable and satisfied in their real state ( excluding exceptions ). Like comedian star Bharti who despite being overweight comfortable in her body.

I’m saving machine – I like this gesture of woman too especially Indian women, who saves money secretly hiding from the husband. Quiet adventures and responsible.

Expert at bargaining

Do you ever go shopping with your mom, know how smartly she saves those pennies. Women are always credited for their bargaining talent. Many times its competition among them who buy the same thing at best price. I respect this talent of a woman from the bottom of my heart.

Shopping is our birthright

Be it window shopping or sales in the market or season clearance we don’t miss a single time to be there. Shopping makes us relax. We enjoy and warm up after doing shopping. So this is my favorite woman quirks.

Gossip queens

It’s our right to do gossip in order to reduce our stress. Yes I also love to do gossip about fashion, movies, trends of the city ( except the typical family gossip)

Chocolate Lover

We consider chocolate as our best friend. Around globe no woman who has no love for chocolate. And love about this quirk is that Man knows that we love chocolate so no need to tell them what makes our mood when we are upset 🙂

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