Feminism #ClickandBlogAStory Linky Challenge -Week 3

Be it Magical love of Respected Mother Teresa, Determination of Rani of Jhansi, Charity of Lady Diana, Discovery of Marie Curie, Beauty of Marlin Monroe always brings a spark to my blood.

The challenges that women have faced throughout history. The ways in which women still struggle to gain equality. We owe Respect to them for their heroic presence.
Feminism refers to any ideology that seeks total equality in women rights.

For me, Feminism stands for a Power that brings Equality, Respect, Support as a whole wheel of fortune. What women do & what we believe is wholeheartedly respect by the society.

Women have been stereotyped in numerous images since ages.
There is a time, it’s believed If she’s a woman she should be covered, don’t raise voice, Restricted to house only.

Then comes the time when eyes are raised for her education, late marriages, going out for work, As she does not deserve enough to walk with the society.

Then comes the time when she has been harassed for her outfits, blame for her fashions, extrovert, success & independence.

Since centuries women have been cast in many images, though the letters are changed but context is still the same.

I consider Feminism as a boon for woman’s as it strengthens their roots & makes them what we called SuperWoman.

Though women struggles a lot through her life from home to office, from Girl to independence, from wife to becoming Mother.

From moving from parents to in-laws house. And switching to one’s identity from her name to the favorite Barbie beds without she can’t sleep.

Working hard to make life easier for others, giving extra comfort from making delicious food to love of warmth and true wishes.

These are a handful of qualities that attracts me & Yes off course influence me a lot.

I consider myself a Feminist and with All About The Woman blog I’m sending out this message come join us & celebrate Feminism, celebrated womanhood, Feel special.

Sealing her lips, Works 24*7
She’s blessing from heaven
Don’t ignore her Rights
knows how to fight
If she can feed
Definitely, knows to lead





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This week we are giving you opportunity to celebrate womanhood

#ClickandBlogAStory linky Week 3 Prompt


Feminism #ClickandBlogAStory Linky Challenge -Week 3

Get the jump on your FEMINISM in this week’s #ClickandBlogAStory Linky Challenge.

Choose anyone as your subject:

  • Tell us about what the word “feminism” means to you.
  • The influential woman who inspire you.
  • Qualities of women attract you.
  • What are Stereotype images about women?
  • What are the biggest challenges that women face today? Do you predict any future in them
  • Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? Why or why not?
  • Predict the kind of struggles woman faced working in the traditionally male field?
  • Why a does woman not consider for a night job, restrictions she faced?
  • Which achievement made by aspiring feminists you most thankful for?
  • Who is your favorite female Movie character? What do you admire about her?

Interpret FEMINISM that’s close to your heart. take up the #ClickandBlogAStory Linky Challenge that will push you and notice the minute details of your life.


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