Female-pattern hair loss & Complete Hair Fall Solutions 

Hairs represent your Personality and style. Long, short, Curly or straight, form women love their hairs more than anything. But If you notice a Hair Fall, It can really freak you out. Next moment You start the search for Hair Fall Solution. Did This happen to you? This happens to me recently when I noticed an increase in my hair fall. And it becomes a nightmare when nothing works. Today I’m sharing you some facts Female-pattern hair loss & Complete Hair Fall Solutions, that I discover while my search for effective Hair Fall Solution.

What Is Hair Fall?

Hair Fall or Hair loss, medically termed as alopecia or baldness, means loss of hair from part of the head or body.  On average head has 100,000 to 150,000 hairs, out of which 90% of hair is in growing phase and 10% in transition. Normally a person loses up to 100 of hair strands in a day.

Female-pattern hair loss

Female- pattern of hair loss occurs mainly genetic. The hair fall occurs ins diffused effecting the Frontal hairline and crown. Hair thinning is noticed in Females as early as their 20s with gradual loss of hairs. There is a reduction in the density as well as the volume of hair.

Causes of Hair Fall:

Hair Fall can have many causes:

  1. Infection like Fungal infection like Ringworm, cellulitis, Folliculitis, Syphilis etc.
  2. Hormones like abnormal levels of androgens or thyroid hormones or PCOs.
  3. Alopecia Areata is an auto-immune disease in which Hair-fall occurs for an unknown reason.
  4. Childbirth results in temporary Hair fall.
  5. Medication can cause temporary or permanent hair Fall. Drugs like heart disease, diabetes, Hormones Replacement Therapy, Steroids, Contraceptive pills, chemotherapy.
  6. Crash diets like calorie-restricted diet can cause Hair Fall.
  7. Lifestyle and Extreme stress.
  8. Hair Styling

Signs and Symptoms of Hair Fall:

Hair Fall occurs in circulars patterns. In Female-pattern hair loss occurs mostly in the frontal and parietal. Symptoms of dandruff, skin lesions and scarring also appear. Increase in thinning of Hair or less voluminous hair or Hair Fall at a higher rate.

Complete Hair Fall Solutions:

Improve Diet: Diet rich in protein and vitamin C that promotes hair growth. Increase intake of food like Indian Gooseberry, Beetroot, Green Tea and Fish etc which promotes Hair growth.

Improve Lifestyle: Lifestyle should be improved in terms of sound sleep and well balanced daily routine. Meditation to combat the daily stress level.

Surgical Procedure like hair transplants can be useful for some women.

Hair-powder fibers or hair extensions can be a temporary treatment.

I hope this post for Female-pattern hair loss & Complete Hair Fall Solutions will help you a lot. Did you suffer from hair loss Problem? What treatment do you opt for? Did you find the treatment effective?

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    Hair fall due to change of seasons is also very common followed by hormonal changes and pregnancy. Thank you for sharing awesome info on the same.

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    Didn’t think of the value of vitamin C diet… A good refresher for me.

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    Great article. Hair fall is one of biggest issue post pregnancy. And it’s inevitable for some reason. This temporary phase feels like the longest.

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