Effects of Closure of Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh on Healthcare and Employees

The reopening of Max Shalimar Bagh is a good sign not just for the healthcare sector rather it reflects on the strong fabric of justice and constitutional forums to address public grievances.

I say this at the risk of drawing criticism, and some rather nasty tweets, for dissenting with the populist decision, however, I never supported the decision of shutting down Max Hospital without consideration of the negative impact on patients, employees and the Healthcare ecosystem in that area. From the moment Max Shalimar Baghshutdown, the follow-up patients and thousands of employees whose livelihood depends on Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh have faced a major setback. The Governments assumption that switching hospitals for complex treatment plans for cardiac, Neuro, Cancer would be as easy as switching a grocery provider was wrong. It’s never easy for the patients to find the new doctor, hospital for further treatment at a short span of time, plus there is the added complexity of getting a download of patient history. Also, it’s almost impossible for niche professionals of the healthcare sector to find a new job at such a short moment. It’s shocking that the Government never thought of any contingency plan for thousands of employees they put at risk at Max Healthcare.

We Indians, be it any profession, fight hard to survive the rat race for our livelihood. I don’t if you have ever been in that position but finding a new job is never easy. You earn your credentials with years of hard work and practice. Shutting down of Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh will definitely affect livelihood and employment of thousands of employed directly and indirectly by Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh.

Can you imagine the impact and outcome of a hospital closing for a day, what would happen to the outstation patients who come from far off states and countries? You must have experienced visiting a hospital at least once in your life. If you’ve to visit a hospital for me or my family member treatments, and it suddenly shut down. Where would you go then? How would you go about searching for a new hospital? What would you do for a follow-up treatment after it reopens …switch Doctors again? Redoing all the tests, registration and consultation charges and new courses of medicine and treatment…Would you have the time, money to go and search on new…even if you did can you replace the trust and feeling of comfort and safety for your loved ones?

Now try putting yourself in the shoes of an employee, you wake up one day as a second-grade employee who just received news that he has lost his employment because his place of employment shut down by the Govt. for no fault of his own. Wouldn’t your life be shattered at that moment? For the person who lives paycheck to paycheck, losing his job for a random error by one of the hundreds of Doctors would be a major setback for him. Finding a new job in Metro cities isn’t anyone cup of tea. Imagine how he would fulfill his livelihood as unemployed.

Impact on patients by the Closure of Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh 

As per recent articles, on average, every month Max Hospital, Shalimar Baghmanages treatment for over 14,500 patients in the OPD, over 1,700 emergency patients and around 3,000 patients are in IPD. The recent cancellation order, not only affects OPD and emergency patients. But also, the ongoing chemotherapies (Cancer), surgeries and dialysis (Kidney failure) sessions that had to be canceled, rescheduled or transferred at a short span of time. This affects the Healthcare facilities in that area by putting tremendous pressure on the few scarce resources that can provide the high-end treatment sought by the patients.

Closure of Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh did more harm than good to people and I welcome its reopening by the authorities. Another hasty populist decision to cancel the registration of Max Hospital, fuelled by media and sensationalism, will only lead to critical problems for the patients (including Economically weaker sections), medical fraternity & employees.

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  1. Excellent article. I could not get enough of the content. Looking forward to reading more of your future works.

  2. I am not abreast about why the registration if Max in shalimar baug was cancelled for a day. Will read on that but your points about the issues and grief it caused patients and staff and their families is spot on

  3. Interesting article. You are right about thousands of employees losing their jobs when its not their fault. Good to know they opened it again.

  4. OMG, this is shocking…My heart goes out for them. Thanks for sharing this eye opening article.


  5. Totally agree… I’m angry that this kind of nonsense by the government was even allowed to take place.

  6. I had no clue about this and read some half baked news somewhere. I agree finding a new job is challenging.

  7. I am still confused about the issue at large.Healthcare seems to have become a circus with no clarity and transparency

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