Dress to Impress Workshop by Image Management Professional Association

It’s very difficult for women to establish themselves as a successful working woman. You should possess sharpen talent both in terms of work and looks.

Since you are hardworking enough to gain knowledge about your work. But what do you think about your looks? Did you ever observe your dress style? Does it’s good enough to impress your clients, boss, and colleagues? Did people recognize you only as a fashion queen or descent culture employee?

On the occasion of women’s day, we get a chance to attend the workshop “Dress to impress”, where we learn about how a woman should dress to impress?

What is “Dress to Impress” Workshop?

Dress to impress workshop is a Pan India campaign organized by Image Management Professional Association, conducted by Rashmi Modi in various cities across India. Indore.

The topic ‘dress to impress’ is inspired by a quote by Zig Zigler ‘You can’t climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure’. That’s you can’t be successful if you failed to impress others by your looks.

Dress to Impress is a nationwide campaign initiated by IMPA group. This is a  Free Workshop for women runs for 2-Hour in over 40 locations across India on 18-March from 11 am-1pm on account of women’s day.

Why do we want to look Good?

To feel good by looking good.

To impress people in social situations

An attractive person attracts a lot of people

Works as an icebreaker in building relationships

it builds self-confidence and self-esteem


What did we learn from Dress to Impress Workshop?

We gain a lot of knowledge about Appearance Management in Dress to Impress Workshop.

The coach Rashmi Modi, tells us about the importance of dressing in every walk of life. According to her Clothes communicate and send messages about us to the others based on which they create first impressions about us.

To look appropriate, authentic and attractive in an affordable manner is essential for success in every walk of life. The way you look affects the way you think, feel, act and behave and then the way people react or respond to you.

The workshop talked about the following:

  • * Importance of Appearance Management
  • * 4 As of Appearance Management
  • * Important elements that help in impressive dressing
  • * Basic Wardrobe must-haves
  • * Dressing as per body shape, face shape & personal colors with attention to detail
  • * Tips on looking chic and fab
  • * Smart shopping tips

The workshop was attended by women who want to look attractive, chic & stylish and create a powerful impression on others.

About Rashmi Modi – the Coach and host

Rashmi Modi is a certified Image Consultant and a Soft skills coach. A personal stylist, etiquette coach, communication trainer and a blogger, she has worked with diverse audience bringing about an ‘inside-out transformation’.

This post is written about our experience at Image Management Professional Association(IMPA) Event,  and the views are personal. IMPA promotes trustworthy education and consultation services. Some of the images used in this post are the property of IMPA.

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