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The fast going life & modernization are the main factors of Heart Problems.And no doubt in this fast going pace its difficult to take out the time & have look at our unorganized habits. Healthy Heart can be achieved by healthy eating, Staying active & being happy. This is not about dietary limitations, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love.

How to Discover Healthy Heart?

Healthy Heart means to high on energy, feeling revitalized, optimistic outlook, and rejuvenates your mood. Switching to healthy diets, like including fruits and vegetables in your meals. Reduces canned, junk or food from outside which are rich in salt, spices etc. This will not only improves your gut but also lowers risk for health problems.

  • I always plan up my healthy diet like adding a salad to my diet for at least once a day.
  • I used to Drink plenty of water to flush out the waste products and toxins from my body.
  • I  Eat three meals and two healthy snacks a day, at regularly spaced intervals.
  • I just Reduce the amount of candy, canned food & fast food etc.
  • I never missed on eating half a cup of raw fruit or veg or a small apple or banana.I always prefer for less oily food with high nutrition value.
  • Just 30 minutes a day of moderate activity, such as a brisk walk, most days of the week, not only helps me lose weight but is also a key factor in keeping it off over the long term.

The oils we choose for our diet can make a big difference to our health that contributes to a healthy meal, maintains our body activity which in return keeps us happy.

As Oils provide important nutrients which are essential in a well-balanced diet. Now the tough task is to choose right cooking oil when there is so much variety and so many brands flooding the market today.

I always recommend consuming a mix of oils in order to maintain a balance. For example use olive oil for salads, sunflower oil for frying and soyabean oil for other cooking purposes to take advantage of the health benefits of oil.

I always use the oil which contains less amount of fat or cholesterol to have a healthier heart. Because healthy Heart is key to stay Fit, Active & happy. For several years I am using Saffola Active oil in my cooking which keeps me & my family HEALTHY, ACTIVE & HAPPY.

Saffola is known to be a reputed brand which is good for the heart and recommended by doctors & many health organizations.

The several advantages of Saffola oil :

  • Saffola oils are suitable for all types of cooking, frying, grilling, seasoning etc.
  • Saffola Oil provides Omega 3 & Oryzanol, which promotes heart health & helps in lowering cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Saffola Oil contains vitamin E which keeps the immune system strong.
  • Saffola Oil has the right composition & is more effective in reducing cholesterol than each of the oils singly.

I hope these tips will support you in achieving healthy heart for life.

Dr Bushra

Gynaecologist by profession~~Food ,Health,lifestyle,Freelance Blogger~~social media influencer~~writer at heart~~Email for collaboration

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