Confessions of a Timepiece Geek

Confessions of a Timepiece Geek

The ticking hands, the smooth dial, the shiny bezel, the luxurious strap – a luxury watch stitch a story together with each one of its components, to become more than a simple timekeeping device. For us Timepiece Geek, a luxury watch isn’t simply a timepiece, as many of you would call it; donning it means wearing a slice of rich history on our wrists.

We live in a generation that thrives on smartphones and is inching closer to adapting smartwatches as their go-to timekeeper. Sure, we understand that it can come extremely handy with answering your calls or tracking your fitness levels, but for us, it will only be a handy equipment. For us, a smartwatch would be a tool that helps us manage a phone and also tells time on the side. And that’s why, while we may purchase it, you may not see it in our hands. It may never match the true skill and beauty that a luxury watch represents.

It’s easy to fall in love with them. It starts with that one perfect watch, like a 45mmHublot Classic Fusion, and before you know it, you are addicted to adoring it and wearing it. The sturdy sapphire crystal glass, the shine of the titanium case, the elegant movement of the second hand – it wins you over from the moment you lay your eyes on it. It lights a fire in you to own more such historic watches for men and women.

You crave to build a collection of beautiful, antique wristwatches that are a piece of pure artwork. And the story with the best luxury watches is that all models are beautifully unique in their own way. A luxury wristwatch is put together painstakingly by hand. Containing hundreds of moving mechanical parts, every luxury watch is a mark of stupendous craftsmanship, every tiny detail being so elaborate that it is bound to take your breath away. Swiss mechanical manufacturers, in particular, have our love and attention as they roll out one piece of beauty after the other. The king among watches, Rolex, while known for creations much loved even among the biggest royalty, never ceases to stun us with the detailing and love for opulence reflecting in each design.

Is it any wonder that men all over the world in high positions of power and money choose to wear the king of watches on their wrists?

These wristwatches come with their own set of emotions and feelings that seem to transpire into you the moment you first touch them. It imbibes that feeling of uniqueness within you and assures you of the potential you have and the heights you can scale. A legendary Rolex Daytona or Omega Speedster takes you back to the time when highest peaks were finally being conquered and reaching the moon wasn’t impossible anymore. These watches bring you closer to the era of massive achievements for humankind and celebrate the spirit of persistence and courage that motivates you to keep moving forward.

While mechanics and expertise are some of the major reasons why we watch lovers completely geek out, they don’t compete with possibly the biggest reason of them all and hence called Timepiece Geek. Watches easily become the heirloom we pass on to our future generations, for they symbolize our achievements, our successes, our moments of happiness that matter most to us in our journey of life. They easily capture these momentous times and are therefore passed forward, in the hope that the legacy it stood for and stands for, continues to stand tall and proud in the future. And to ensure this, we head to Ethos Watches, to celebrate our love for the finest watches in the industry and the pure joy of preserving time in the best way possible.

These are my some Confessions as a Timepiece Geek. What’s yours?

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12 Replies to “Confessions of a Timepiece Geek”

  1. My hubby likes collecting watches too.Will have to check out the Ethos collection.

  2. Rolex remains the gold standard for luxury watches even today. Perfection down to every minute detail.

  3. book_gobbler says: Reply

    These are some wonderful designs. I love collecting watches and I am gonna add one of these too

  4. Lost in books says: Reply

    Watches are the sign if extravagance. Every watch as a story to tell and a luster too add to complete the look. It is important that we choose this facter correctly.

  5. Such cool range of watches. Hand me down heirloom watches are such a treasure.

  6. Yes the dependency on watches has come down with the mobiles and smartphones. Yet watches will always been in style and fashion. Swiss watches have always defined class, style and quality and none has made them an epitome than a Rolex or a Rado.


  7. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan says: Reply

    My husband has a huge collection of watches. From sporty to classic. I love that rolex it’s just class apart.

  8. I am also a huge lover of wrist watches and Rolex is an absolute favourite for its class and royalty.

  9. Nice article with some great pics of premium brand watches. Some of these watches are priced more than some of the small cars in market. But yes they do have the quality and finish, that may demand the price. Only question I have always had is that, how much of the cost of the watch is coz of the brand vs other aspects ? 🙂

  10. Purple Dreams says: Reply

    These watches look luxurious and stylish! Can’t wait to check these out with my hubby.

  11. Purple Dreams says: Reply

    These watches look luxurious and stylish. Can’t wait to check these out with my hubby! #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

  12. Wrist watches are my favourite too. Be it for style or keeping a track of my achievements in life. The brand has some of the finest collections to choose from.

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