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Learning becomes easy, fun, entertaining when we add playing a factor to it. BlogAdda along with Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, brings opportunity for kids to learn while playing with their newly launched the “Magical Space Adventure” special packs for kids.

I got the opportunity from BlogAdda to create ColgateMagicalStories along my little brother to discover a magical world and learn and play together. I receive 3 packs from Colgate with 3 comic scenario print respectively. We’ve to cut out the characters from it and weave ColgateMagicalStories.

My little brother Anzar cut it down with my help and we assembled the characters together. And the story begin.

He named the ColgateMagicalStories as

Mission Powerful

Pinku is the student of class 4, shy, introvert and confused. Everyone makes fun of him. His dad is an astronaut. One day he scolded in class for getting zero marks in class.

Pinku returned home very upset and want to get escape from this world. Out of disappointment he goes to his dad secret Lab and started the spaceship specially designed for him by his dad.

On reaching space he saw Saturn and out of excitement, he landed his ship. As soon he landed he encountered sky firing. And there comes voice “Who are you?”

He said “I’m Pinku”

“Where you come from?”

“I’ve come from earth”

“For What”

Pinku Replied “I want to be Powerful”

Pinku asked “Who are you”

And the voice appeared, wearing long coat with head covered and sparkling in his hand “I’m Tangle”

He asked “Why you want to be powerful”

Pinku replied “No one loves me and makes fun of me because I’m stupid, confused”

Tangle smiled “Did you know that thing is unique and blessed from God. Look at the moon it gives you light at night and the sun who gives you light, energy during the day. And so your planet Earth, they provide you all the components to living comfortable life.”

Pinku asked “But I’m not unique, nor I’ve any powers”

Tangle replied, ” How you travel to space alone, without any fear and you even don’t know how to drive spaceship.”

Pinku “I was very upset and I don’t how this happened?”

Tangle ” You drive the spaceship because you are determined, attentive and strong will power to be powerful. If you do your studies with same determination and concentration, You will become powerful in terms of knowledge.”

Pinku asked, “Do you think I can do good in my studies?”

Tangle replied “Yes, I believe anyone can achieve success in this world who work wholeheartedly. Now go back to your home and study hard and make your family proud.”

Pinku startup his spaceship and return back home with a promise that he will study hard from now onwards.

Work hard with full dedication and You will become strong.

With this note, I’m closing Mission Powerful story plotted and narrated by my brother Anzar and weaved with my help. Hope you enjoyed and receive the lesson from this story and forward to your kids.

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.”


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