Cashify Your Old Phones in 60 seconds for Cash #CleanUpCashOut.

Cashify Your Old Phones in 60 seconds for Cash

The world is progressing at the faster note and so do I. Be it at personal or office front we want the best and latest things for our lifestyle. And we do owe them anyhow sooner or later. But what happens with the pre-owned things? I simply feel sarcastic about my old gadgets which I once bought with lots of love but not using right now as I have bought more fine technology for me. Do you feel the same? Do you have a large collection of gadgets that you don’t use? Are you planning to make out some money after selling them?


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Cashify Your Old Phones in 60 seconds for Cash

I’ve bought my old phone which is 3G 2years back. With the launch of 4g technology, I’ve switched to a 4g phone and buy Redmi note 4. But seeing my old phone makes me feel like urghhh. So I thought to sell it out as soon as possible and make some money out of it. I started approaching people in my circle. When I asked people they said “4g hai?” This makes me urghhh if it’s 4g why should I buy a new phone. Trust me guys It’s not easy to convince people to buy 3G cellphone when the fever of 4g is on. I’ve found who agreed to buy but the deal is not very good. I’m not getting the one-fifth of the cost price. 

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The end result is that I don’t get any customer for my phone manual approach. Then I decided to sell it online. I’ve checked out the various online website but they didn’t appeal me as I want a quick deal for my mobile phone. Then recently I’ve come across a platform which fulfills all my conditions for selling a mobile phone. Indeed Cashify comes like a rescue to me. So, I’ve finally decided to sell my mobile phones through this platform.

Check out what qualities bestow me to use Cashify platform for selling my mobile phone:

Cashify is an online reselling platform where you can sell old or used gadgets hassle-free. You can Cashify Your Old Phones in 60 seconds for Cash.

They believe that “one man’s waste could be another’s resource”

Cashify enables the customer to sell old or used gadgets and get instant cash along with the free home pick. From finding a buyer to final payments, The procedure is easy, convenient and secure. 

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As I’m looking for a profitable deal, instant payment and Pick from home facilities. Cashify fulfilling all my needs I’m looking for. So, after learning about secure and assured services from Cashify and hence decide to sell my old smartphone through this platform. 

Did you have an old laptop or mobile phones which is no longer useful for you? Are you planning to sell it and looking for a good deal.? I know like me you have not cracked a good deal till now. Head on to Cashify and registered on this platform. Simply post your deal and get assured sale for your gadgets. Good news is that now you can use coupon code CLEANCASH and you will get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadgets. Good thing is that all information is secured and hassle-free and time-saving process. And I think we all want to save our time.

Don’t forget to share your experience of selling old gadgets. So what are you waiting for? Cashify Your Old Phones in 60 seconds for Cash. Till then

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy.

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  1. This is the answer to my query I was finding a site to sell old mobile and products. Thank you

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  18. Papri Ganguly says: Reply

    it is a very interesting and informative read. thanks for sharing such amazing website

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  27. Rashi Sharma says: Reply

    You can also consider to sell your old phone at Instacash. It is also a good platform to sell old phones for the best prices.

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