Business Couple Donates 200 crore To Cancer Care Hospital “NEW INDIA”

Business Couple Donates 200 crore to Cancer Care Hospital NEW INDIA

Inspiring steps towards New India is marked when Bangalore based entrepreneurial couple celebrates daughter’s birthday in a unique way. Business Couple Donates 200 crore to Cancer Care Hospital NEW INDIAThis initiative is launched by Bollywood Actor Emraan Hashmi.

On 21 February 2018 in Bangalore, I get a chance to witness an inspiring initiative started by leading businessman Mr. Vijay Tata and his wife Mrs. Amrita Tata. On occasion of their daughter’s birthday, they announced the launch of their dream project a self-funded NGO “NEW INDIA”. To bloom up this initiative they donate Rs 200 crores towards the building of Cashless Cancer Care Hospital For Underprivileged. The couple provides shelter to 40 kids for 6 years and to take this forward they initiate the “NEW INDIA” in order to give back to society.


Couple gifts 50 acres of land in Bangalore worth Rs. 100 crores to the trust. Additional Rs 100 crore will be used towards development of Super Specialty Cashless Cancer Care Hospital for poor people.

Bollywood Actor Emraan Hashmi launches the initiative.

Launch of Self Funded NGO – “NEW INDIA”

Business Couple Donates 200 crore to Cancer Care Hospital NEW INDIA

NEW INDIA is a nonprofit organization initiated by Mr. Vijay & Mrs. Amrita Tata. This Dream project will work towards the betterment underprivileged health and support to Rape victims. To start this off the couples donates 50 acres of land worth Rs 100 crores in Attibele-Anekal Road, Bangalore to the trust. Additional Rs 100 crores will be used towards the construction of the super-specialty cancer care hospital. Business Couple Donates 200 crore to Cancer Care Hospital NEW INDIA.

Bollywood actor Mr. Emraan Hashmi support this cause by inaugurating this initiative. He’s overwhelmed to be part of this event and said, “I have very closely seen the pain of cancer patients. NEW INDIA’s initiative will definitely cater the need of underprivileged cancer patients across India. This is worth appreciating and glad that individuals like Mr. Vijay Tata and Mrs. Amrita Tata are coming forward to take this novel step.”

Mr. Vijay Tata said, “Inspired Honorable PM’s vision on healthcare he takes this small step that will soon transform into a milestone. they focus on works towards the betterment of below poverty line people, their health and cater their needs. This is nationalized movement & underprivileged will be treated free of cost. This cancer hospital will definitely reduce the agony of people to a certain extent. The main aim to cater a healthy India by providing good health facilities.”   

Mrs. Amrita Tata shares her views, “We are fortunate enough to initiate this cause on account of her daughter’s birthday. It’s time to give back to the society and hence we come up with dream project NEW INDIA. This will not only provide holistic care and solution for cancer patients but also provide free treatment and aftercare. This will also work to render help towards other social causes especially for women and children.”

About New India

Business Couple Donates 200 crore to Cancer Care Hospital NEW INDIA

NEW INDIA, is a self-funded NGO founded by Entrepreneur Mr. Vijay and Mrs. Amrita Tata. They are open to join hands with NGO and volunteers across India and transform into a mass movement. This will work to rule out the key health issues and find better solutions to eradicate the cause.

This will be 150 beds Hospital, One phase will be ready by December 2018. This hospital will be designed by a UK based Architect and Engineering firm, BDP. And will have renowned oncologists and consultants on board. 

In this hospital, underprivileged cancer patients will be treated completely free of charge. This will be India’s first cashless hospital. 

Cancer Treatment In India – Current scenario

India stands 3rd highest in cancer death in the world. And this rate is expected to increase at a faster pace. in Cancer patients can’t afford the treatment due to short of money. It cost up to 90,00chemotherapy in India as a result underprivileged left untreated.

Fighting Against Cancer

Inspiring Initiative by Mr. Vijay Tata with the launch of NEW INDIA. New India solemnly commits itself to the fight against cancer by providing free treatment to all the needy and poor ones.  Business Couple Donates 200 crore to Cancer Care Hospital NEW INDIA. This will definitely improve the healthcare facilities for unprivileged Cancer Patients and ease their life. Privileged to witness this noble cause.

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  1. Read this news a while back and it is indeed applaudable that we do have a cashless cancer
    Care hospital. I hope this news spreads far and wide across India.

  2. Donating for a cause like cancer is probably the best philanthropic activity anyone can do. I absolutely appreciate the effort. I wish there are more people in the country to support this cause.

  3. It makes me feel really proud to be a part of the country with such noble people… Really a great act… Will help many many people in need

  4. this is such a great initiative. the world is a better place for such kind of people who give and care.

  5. wow really a great cause and initiative would have loved to hear what inspired the family!!!

  6. This is such a great cause. I hope unprivileged cancer patients take benefit of this facility and can be treated without financial issues.

    IG : @ms_tantrum

  7. Really a great cause. I am glad that there is some people who actually think about unprivileged children.

  8. This surely is one of the great initiative by the couple. I was part of the event and felt quite touched for their desire to help the under-privileged. I hope more people come forward this way.

  9. I want to salute these kind Samaritans. When in the current times people hardly have time for their near ones, these kind-hearted couple thought for others! I wish them good luck in the initiative.

  10. Cash less care for cancer patients who are under previlidged is a noBle cause. Kudos to the good Samaritans for donating to this cause

  11. This initiative needs a lot of heart.Many people will be helped indeed.

  12. This is such a great initiative by this couple. May god bless them and help the kids in need.

  13. littlemissprim says: Reply

    Mr Vijay Tata has taken up a great and much needed initiative … Emraan Hashmi’s words were very touching ..

  14. This initiative by the couple will definitely benefit many of the people suffering and their families. You need a heart to help some hearts.

  15. Extremely inspiring. At a time when we read of so many out to steal our money, lovely to hear of people giving back

  16. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan says: Reply

    The more such Samaritans donate to cause like cancer the better it results in health care especially for those below the poverty line. Kudos to Tatas

  17. Mrinal Kiran says: Reply

    It is a proud moment for us that we have such selfless countrymen who work so hard towards a noble initiative! A cancer hospital will be a great help to all the poor patients and their families

  18. Vashi/Pooja Baloria says: Reply

    This indeed is an inspiring act and really applaudable, to have cashless cancer cate in India would be boon to so many ailing and helpless people.. We need to aware people of such opportunities . And learn from such acts of great kindness

  19. This is a great cause and I really appreciate the generosity of this couple. I wish many people should come forward and donate if they can to improve Indian Healthcare and other amenities.


  20. A truly noble act of kindness..we need more such people in India

  21. gabriellebaxterxxip says: Reply

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    this web site conations genuinely fastidious funny material

  22. Aritra Chakrabarty says: Reply

    Such a great gesture, heart warming.
    Thanks for sharing.


  23. this is really a great initative and for such a nobal cause, It always feel great to know that there are people who are doing such great things and hoping this things will improve the future of India. #sueprbloggerchallenge2018

  24. Wonderful cause taken up by the couple. Inspirational that someone is doing instead of just talking about things. Thanks for sharing this great initiative.


  25. This is one of the best articles I have read so far. Only one prayer, God bless that little girl and her family. #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

  26. That’s a good decision of the couple. Treatment to cancer is very expensive and there will be a lot of sessions with many test and regular checkups. If a few people can get free treatment due to this initiative, it will be a boon to their family.

  27. Alubhujiablog says: Reply

    काबिले तारीफ , कैंसर मरीजों का मुफ्त इलाज होने पर जो दुयाएँ प्राप्त होंगी वो तो अमूल्य होंगी । हमे भी हर महीने अपनी कमाई का कुछ अंश ज़रूरतमन्दों के लिए ज़रूर देना चाहिए

  28. Great initiative by the couple , hope more people come up with such noble initiatives which will help the society .

  29. That’s a great imitative!! #Superbloggerchallenge2018

  30. Being the primary caregiver of my mom who passed away with Cancer, any initiative which helps to bring little brightness in the world of cancer is so appreciable. Thanks to the TATA couple. And best wishes… #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #InstaCuppa

  31. This is such a noble initiate. I hope with this hospital people of India would get timely and affordable treatment for this fatal disease. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

  32. This is amazing. Your article screams of positivity and prosperity. Kudos to the power couple, Mr. Vijay Tata and Mrs. Amrita Tata for their egalitarian pursuits. We need such philanthropists in our society. I’m sure that anyone who reads thid article will be inspired to do good and work for the welfare of individuals across the globe. I know I certainly am.
    Great article and the addition of actual statistics just moved it up a notch.

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  35. Kind hearted and compassionate people do exist on Earth and the couple is a livibg example. Hats off. May God bless the lucky girl more who has got such parents. Hopefully cancer treatment will be in reach of many who earlier remained deprived.

  36. A wonderful and much needed initiative. Cancer treatment is so expensive and out of reach for so many economically deprived. The heart to share what we have in excess with those who need it most, this kindness is what defines humanity.

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  38. News like this restores your faith in humanity and there´s hope always. 🙂 Great post. 🙂

  39. Indian is struggling a lot to give proper treatment to cancer patients and this is a great initiative towards this. Hope more and more get inspired from this.

  40. That is indeed a great gesture by Vijay and Amrita Tata. My wife’s mother died of breast cancer and I have heard from my wife how horrible and excruciating the pain is and what a toll it takes on the body as well as the mind.

  41. The word ‘Cancer’ can scare the hell out of a person. It’s the most unwanted villain anyone would like to have in his/her life. It’s great that people like Mr. Vijay Tata and Mrs. Amrita Tata are contributing their hard work and support to this great initiative for fighting this evil.

  42. This is great news! We need more such philanthrophists who can make healthcare affordable and as per world standards.

  43. Sushmita Malakar says: Reply

    Very inspiring! News like these makes me restore my faith in humanity! 🙂

  44. Spending money for a noble and selfless cause needs lot of commitment and goodwill. Such initiatives will be very helpful for cancer patients.

  45. feels so nice to know that people are giving back once they have enough

  46. pareshgodhwani says: Reply

    Stats related to cancer are shocking but Tata family has taken great initiative to fight cancer.


  47. My close family member suffered from Cancer and I know cancer treatments in India a very costly. This is a great initiative! #Superbloggerchallenge2018

  48. mommytincture says: Reply

    Cancer as a disease affects just one individual, but the entire family feels the pinch because of the financial drain that it causes. It is a great initiative by the donors.

  49. Amazing and informative post. It is a great initiative program by TATA. Great thought.

  50. myrainbowquill says: Reply

    What a great initiative. Always nice to know people working for good cause and making this world a better place to live in.

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