Breastfeeding Myths – Part 2

What is Breastfeeding Myths ?

The  wrong information that can get passed from one woman to the next about breastfeeding , creating negative perceptions about it is known as Breastfeeding Myths.

Are Breastfeeding Myths True ?

No , Breastfeeding Myths are not true .But as There are so many myths surrounding breastfeeding that it can be hard for women to know what’s true and what’s no.

Whether you’ve breastfed your babies before, or you’re getting ready to do so, I am discussing here some Myths and Misconceptions about Breastfeeding that will help you understand the facts about breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding Myths - all about the woman

Breastfeeding Myths : Modern Milk Formulas are Almost the Same as Breast Milk

Fact : Breast milk is the Best! No milk can replace that. These claims are incorrect. Modern formulas are only superficially similar to breast milk.Formulas don’t vary and are made to suit every baby whereas your own breast milk is just suited for your baby’s  unique needs.

Breastfeeding Myths : Moms with Small Breasts Can’t Make Enough Milk

Fact : False. Breast size doesn’t matter at all. Milk production has nothing to do with breast size. In fact, it’s possible for women with smaller breasts to have an oversupply of milk!

Breastfeeding Myths : Night-time Feedings Aren’t Important

Fact : The levels of hormone responsible for milk production called Prolactin, is at its highest at night. So night-time feedings are important for milk production.


Breastfeeding Myths : Babies Need to Nurse Every -Hours

Fact : Babies need to be breastfed on demand. Babies do need to nurse often, every 2 hours or even less. Babies have tiny stomachs so they can just suck a little milk every time they’re fed and moreover, breast milk gets digested quickly.


Breastfeeding Myths : There is No Milk in the First Few Days

Fact :  The first day’s thick colostrum is very important for your baby as it contains essentials nutrients, antibodies and immunoglobulins. Once your baby starts sucking well, more milk will start coming down in a couple of day’s time.


Breastfeeding Myths : It’s Normal for Breastfeeding to Hurt

Fact : No, it’s not true. It’s common to have some tenderness during the first few days and it doesn’t last long. Breast milk contains components that help heal your breast nipples naturally & give you some relief.

If the nipple pain does not subside or get better in 3 to 4 days and lasts beyond 5 to 6 days then it should not be ignored. Get help as soon as possible from someone with the knowledge and experience to help.


Breastfeeding Myths : Breastfeeding Moms Have to be Careful About their FOOD

Fact : Everything in moderation is fine until your baby stomach is healthy . If a baby can be fussy to feed on breast or  also feel gassy after a particular food , is notice . Avoid that particular food for a few days to ascertain which food could be the real cause.

A breastfeeding mother should eat a balanced diet, but there is absolutely no need to unnecessarily limit your diet or avoid certain foods.


Breastfeeding is natural, but in today’s world it’s not so easy. Factors like Lack of proper information about breastfeeding as well liberal values , fear to lose the body figure , Mothers are not breastfeeding their babies.

Breastfeeding is very important because it’s the best start for your baby. So follow your maternal instincts and your baby’s demands to make your breastfeeding experience a successful and enjoyable one!

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