Breast Enhancement Guide For Female Bodybuilders

breast augmentation for bodybuilders

Women’s bodybuilding is a very competitive sport that involves countless hours of dedicated training, dieting, and contest preparation. While any type of bodybuilding is rigorous, female bodybuilders have the added challenge of being judged not only on muscularity but also on femininity. Today we are discussing Breast augmentation for bodybuilders.

All too often, the low body fat percentage of many competitors in a bikini, figure, and physique divisions means that breasts will become significantly smaller. Because breasts are often considered an important part of femininity, this means that breast augmentation may help female bodybuilders maintain larger breasts while still keeping the low body fat percentage needed to compete.

Of course, if you are a female bodybuilder considering breast augmentation, you likely have some questions and concerns about the procedure. Of course, while breast augmentation for bodybuilders can be helpful in ensuring you score well in terms of femininity, you don’t want a result that hides your muscularity. When you work with a surgeon who is familiar with the needs of female bodybuilders, you will likely end up with a result that will help you score even higher on your next show.

Of course, if you are a female bodybuilder who is considering pursuing breast augmentation to advance your career, you probably have some questions. Here are some commonly-asked questions and concerns:

How is Breast Augmentation for Female Bodybuilders Different?

breast augmentation for bodybuilders

Female bodybuilders have physiques that are often different from that of the average patient, so it follows that breast augmentation for a bodybuilder might be a bit different. Each surgeon has their own approach, but many opt for submuscular implants or implant placed below the muscle tissue. These implants, while they tend to have a longer recovery time, often look more natural on women who don’t have much natural breast tissue.

However, if you have more natural breast tissue, your surgeon may decide that an over-the-muscle implant is best for you. Of course, each bodybuilder is different, so your surgeon will examine you and discuss your physique goals with you in order to decide on the best surgical method.

Aside from choosing whether implants should be over or under the muscle, you and your surgeon will need to decide whether saline or silicone implants are best. In most cases, bodybuilders and their surgeons decide that silicone implants are best. This is because saline implants may cause the skin to appear rippled in women who don’t have a much fatty tissue.

Essentially, the considerations when it comes to breast augmentation are slightly different for female bodybuilders, but each person’s physique merits careful consideration, too. By working with your surgeon and being honest and thorough when discussing your goals for the procedure, you’ll be more likely to end up with a result you love.

Will Breast Augmentation Mask Existing Muscularity?

If you’ve been involved in the sport of bodybuilding for any length of time, you know that it takes an enormous amount of training and dedication to achieve even the most modest of muscle gains. Therefore, you might be concerned that breast augmentation will mask the pectoral muscles you have.

It’s possible that some of your musculatures will be covered, but the goal of breast augmentation for bodybuilders is to enlarge the breasts while still allowing muscularity to shine through.

If you are considering a submuscular implant, you might be worried about the effects on the appearance of your pectoral muscles. However, if you have thin pectoral muscles, the submuscular implant will look surprisingly natural, and after healing, you will still be able to lift like you did prior to surgery.

How Will This Procedure Impact My Training?

One of the most major concerns female bodybuilders have is the impact a breast augmentation will have on training. Unfortunately, because this is a major surgery, it necessitates some time off. Recovery time is shaped by several factors, including whether your implants are over or under the pectoral muscles. Submuscular implants tend to have longer healing times.

Your surgeon will be able to tell you how long you need to rest after surgery, and it is vitally important that you do this. Taking several weeks off training can be daunting, but if you follow your surgeon’s advice closely, your implants will look better. If you go back to exercising too soon, you will be more likely to have complications that necessitate another surgery. Because of the time, you’ll need to take to recover, it is often difficult to plan a surgery around your competition schedule. It’s important to allow yourself adequate recovery time and adequate time to ease back into training before you compete again. You likely will be able to resume training other muscle groups before you return to chest training, although it’s important to exercise caution when starting to train again.

How Do I Choose a Surgeon?

Ideally, if you want to pursue breast augmentation, you’ll work with a surgeon who has experience operating on female bodybuilders. When you’re looking for a surgeon, it’s a good idea to look at several before and after pictures. In particular, look for women whose physiques look similar to yours–this will show you how this particular surgeon tends to handle breast augmentation, and it also may give you a sense of what your results may look like.

Of course, a given surgeon’s distance from you and the total cost of surgery are other considerations as well. While it’s perfectly acceptable to travel for breast augmentation, be sure that you will be able to return for regular follow-up appointments as needed. These appointments will allow your surgeon to make sure you are healing on schedule.

Ready to Start?

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