Zeal up your Blog – Blogging Tutorials SEO Google Analytics Guide -Part 2

Blogging Tutorials SEO Google Analytics Guide

It’s been 1year hs that I started my self-hosted Blog. My journey to own a personal website is started when I join a MyFriendAlexa Campaign at Blog chatter. This campaign groomed me up a lot & I learn my blogging SEO optimized skills. This Blogging Tutorial SEO Google Analytics Series I will discuss all the essentials to set up your Blog from my personal experience 🙂

How can I Set up goals for my website with the help of Google analytics?

After you install the respective tracking code on your website, You will now easily find a very useful setting in website’s profile present on your Google Analytics. This is known as Goals setting. Click on the Admin link at the top of your Google Analytics and then click on Goals under your website’s View column.


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Goals will tell Google Analytics about the traffic activity on your website. Like, if you have a website page where you showcase your services with a contact form, You can create a thank you page that visitors end up on once they have submitted their contact information.

After opening Google Analytics, you have to click on the New Goal option.


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Just choose the Custom option or as applicable for your website and click the Next Step button.

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After naming your goal, select Destination, and click the Next Step button.

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You will now direct to thank you or confirmation page’s URL after the “.com” of your website. Make changes in the Destination field by drop-down to “Begins with”.

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Click Create Goal to complete the setup.

If you want to create more similar goals to track on your website, just follow these steps again. Google analytics allows you to create about 20 goals for your website. It’s recommended to create goals that are important for your website business. Goals may vary depending on your website purpose, target.

You can now review the documentation in Google Analytics support, Read more about setting up goal tracking.

How to setup site search for your website on Google analytics?

Now you can set up site search easily and quickly that will give make your data visible on Search engines. This work for any website with a search box button, like the search box at the top of the All About The Woman Blog.

First, run a search on your website. Then keep the tab open. You will need the URL momentarily.

SEO Series Google Analytics Beginner's Guide

Now move to Google Analytics Admin menu once again, and click on View Settings.

setting up search query parameter in google analytics

Scroll down until you see Site Settings and toggle it to On.

SEO Series Google Analytics Beginner's Guide

Check out the URL for your search results. You will find the Query parameters either s or q, fill and click Save. On XYZ, for example, the query parameter is q.

SEO Series Google Analytics Beginner's Guide

This will allow Google Analytics to keep track of searches made on your website by visitors. And you can easily figure out the visitor’s interest and popularity about specific category or post.


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