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Seems like centuries passed when I was too shy to speak up, quite reserved, choosy, possess all quality of the pampered child. This was somewhat my attitude I must call till I passed twelfth & get admitted in a hostel for pursuing further studies. Indeed that’s the turning point in my life which brings drastic changes not only in my behavior but also my habits. I used to be very choosy in everything, I am still very choosy about my clothing but my eating habits change a lot. I only used to eat potatoes until that time. My blogging Journey begins in 2015 with love for curating food recipes.

I had plotted my Blogging tree long back

I am cultivating my blogging tree right know

I will be eating yummy fruits of my blogging tree in coming future

But when I reached hostel & had watery daal, undercooked veggies, and sweet dessert I  realize the value of food especially food made by my mother. This is me about 10 years back.
I started writing poems short stories from class 7 & my teacher encourage me for that & inspired by my grandpa. But for pursuing my dream to be Doctors & tuff studies my habit of writing fades.
Not that much fade as I used to write my diary & Urdu shayris & English poems whenever I feel low, lonely or want to spend time only with real me.
After completing my medical 2yr back there is always a small wish rooted in corner of my heart to do different be different to stands out that makes me happy. My Blogging Journey begins.
I started a food blog as I love cooking but last month I attended my friends Alexa campaign which grooms & brushes me up & transforms my blog into different plot all about the woman.
I am still plotting it but right knows it has food, health, my articles on feminism. Will be planning to add new sections soon until November & will try to write more connecting articles. I have learned many useful Blogging tips and tricks.
No doubt my writing pattern improved a lot & made new blogger friends who guide me up and that’s what the best thing happened to me. That’s all about my Blogging Journey. Did you have a story about your Blogging Journey? do share.

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