Besan Ki Roti Recipe (Gram Flour Chapati ) Indian village Style

Besan ki roti (Gram Flour roti ) is one of the classical Indian Recipe. Besan also was known as gram flour made from chickpeas  ( similar to the wheat flour ). Besan ki Roti is flavored with basic ingredients which give it a distinct aromatic flavor. It’s different from regular tortillas or chapati.

Besan ki Roti is the powerhouse of nutrition as Chickpeas flour is rich in proteins & fibers.

You must be wondering what’s new in making tortillas. The easiest way every one of us aware of. I want to share a beautiful way that you’re going to enjoy. Why don’t you keep on hold the old style & try something adventurous & different with your family on a weekend or holiday?

Besan Ki Roti Recipe

Switch to the old style of cooking that is cooking on Burner made of mud & woods. I know it’s quite messy but Trust me the result is an amazing mix of aromas, flavour. It gives a kick to your taste buds and reminds you of your granny & the classic rich taste.
Though our lives follow modern culture but I love to cook & eat some dishes in classic style only. It gives a burst of flavours as well healthy, nutritious & organic.

Besan Ki Roti Recipe (Gram Flour Chapati ) Indian village Style

For this you need a Stove made from mud it can be available in the market or you can your own. This stove is made by my aunt & me. We mix it with the mud with the husk of grains and make it.
You also need some wood, matchstick or kerosene oil (optional ). Place the wood in order, pour some kerosene oil & light it up. This setup needs to be ready 1hr before cooking so that some coal formed before hand which is good for cooking.

Besan Ki Roti Recipe (Gram Flour Chapati ) Indian village Style


  • 1 cup Besan (Gram Flour)
  • 1/2 cup wheat Flour
  • 1 pinch of Hing (asafoetida )
  • Cumin 1tsp
  • Onion ( finely chopped ) 2 no
  • Salt to taste
  • Red chilli powder to taste
  • 5 cups Water or as required for making the dough


  • Desi Ghee/butter
  • Regular Green Chutney
  1. Mix up all the ingredients together.knead into a stiff dough.
  2. Add a little water at a time & knead into a stiff dough (like we knead a bread dough)
  3. If the dough seems to be a stick, knead it with some oil in hands. Then cover it & keep it for rest at least half an hour.
  4. Roughly Divide into equal parts forming small balls.

Now Wet your hands with water & take a ball of dough & make it flat with your hands. Pat this between your hand till it takes shape of Roti. Wet your hands at regular intervals.


Place the roti on hot tava (or pan ) till it dry for about 30 seconds. Turn it with the help of tongs and cook for another 30 seconds or till it cooks.

Once the Besan ki roti is cooked from both side, keep it inside the Choolah or over the burner with the help of tongs (chimta). Keep moving it in a circular motion to avoid burning.


Once the roti becomes crisps and has brown or block spots. take it off from burner & clean it.Serve it hot with Ghee, butter, Green sauce ( Green chutney ).

Do try this at home & don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

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