Bengaluru Molestation & Woman Status in Modern India

Big or Small, White or brown, Introvert or extrovert, Be a Boss, employee, Student, or housewife, Woman have been exploited in Every phase of life in different ways.

The thing that happened to Woman in Metro city Bengaluru New year eve’s, Make me ashamed of being part of Indian Society. Despite security arrangements, Women were molested, It’s the tough time for male friends and relatives to protect them from unruly men. And All this incident taken place despite the 1,500 Cops are deployed in that area.

It is a big point of concern that the incident happened in Bengaluru that is considered as one of the safest Indian cities for women. The main thing is that such things are happening during major celebrations.

The Bengaluru Molestation case brings put a big question mark on the status of women in our country.

Are we really living in so-called Modern India, Swearing 24*7 for women empowerment, Women Safety & Respect, Is That’s only a publicity stunt?

Are we really up to any change in the mindset of Man drove society with Movements?

Are these kind of incidents puts a question mark on our Culture, Values that we hold?

What I literally feel is that we only Pretend to be civilized. But the truth is that we have acquired a life of false walls made up of our greed, selfishness. And not to miss any moment to encash the trending Flashes.

Our gestures are just limited to talks, sympathies, rumors, gossips only. And this worsens the condition of women by each passing day.

This incident can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Did you have any idea if this happened to you?

This single thought runs a shiver down my neck & I am unable to think beyond that. I think to put a full stop to such incidents, the higher authorities serious measures should be taken to control crime against women.

Do you have any idea how to tackle this kind of situations or any suggestions on how we could contribute towards improving the conditions of women? Do share with us, looking forward to hearing your views.

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