Beat Plastic Pollution this World Environment Day

Excessive use of plastic put us at the edge of plastic calamity. The continuous use becomes threating to our health, environment, and wildlife. On this world environmental day, the theme is beat the plastic pollution. Plastics are harmful to our health through regular use that makes way into our bodies in the form of toxic chemicals etc.

Some facts about plastic usage that you should not miss before it’s too late

  1. 500billions plastic bags usage every year
  2. 10 million plastic bottles purchase per minute
  3. 50% of the total plastic is used only once.
  4. 13 million tonnes of plastic garbage raches our ocean and are a threat to marine life.
  5. About 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated every year in India.

Let me ask a quick question over here. How many of use plastic in your day to day life? I’ve done a research with my readers and 60 voted yes they use plastic and 10 voted No. The results are obvious that we can’t easily detach plastics from our day to day life. Now the question is how can we contribute to beat plastic pollution?


This year’s theme of World Environment Day is “Beat Plastic Pollution”. China has reduced pollution in Beijing by 30 percent. Many of Indian cities are declared plastic free like Hyderabad. If they can do it we can also contribute towards the safer environment by performing small acts in our day to day life.

  1. Using Jute bag instead of plastic carry bags.
  2. Reduce the use of plastic cutlery.
  3. Refuse taking products from shopkeepers in plastic bags.
  4. Encourage your colony people to reduce the use of plastic.
  5. Skipping buying Mineral water instead carry water from home.

These are some of my ideas “Beat Plastic Pollution” this World Environment Day. Do you have more? Don’t forget to share in the comment below.

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3 thoughts on “ Beat Plastic Pollution this World Environment Day

  • June 6, 2018 at 9:15 pm

    It’s high time we start adopting different ways to avoid plastic

  • June 8, 2018 at 10:36 pm

    “Beat Plastic Pollution” is the theme for Environment Day 2018. Plastics are ubiquitous. Plastics has made its way to every field we can think of – automobile, construction, electronics, healthcare, textile,toys, home appliances, agriculture to name a few. Plastics have become an integral part of modern kitchen. Plastic we choose for kitchen should be of food grade. Plastics are coded to identify the plastic resin out of which the product is made.Other markings on the food grade plastic is to identify the safety of plastic with food as some plastics can leach harmful compounds into your food and usage.

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