All You Need to Know about Atopic Dermatitis in Infants and kids

We often ignore small things going around us or happening to us but when it’s about our little one, we stay cautious about each and everything. It was a usual morning for us, our daughter was 5 months old that time, we noticed that our daughter is starting to get some allergic reaction all around her neck, lower face, back, and hands. Initially, when we went to the doctor they just gave an anti-allergy and thought it was something casual. With time, instead of getting better, it started increasing and we rushed to the doctor only to know that she has got Atopic dermatitis.

Let me tell you what ATOPIC DERMATITIS (ECZEMA) is:

ATOPIC DERMATITIS (ECZEMA) is a type of a very common condition which makes the skin very dry, itchy, or reddish. It is kind of common in children nowadays and can occur at any age. The bad part about this is it has no permanent cure and has no certainty of till when will it cure on its own. Sometimes, it may cure with growth in immunity, and sometimes it may stay forever. Though there is nothing serious about this, in a lot of such cases, children usually end up having asthma or asthmatic conditions in future.


The most common symptom is extreme dryness in the skin, which may be accompanied by itchiness, redness, small bumps, or cracked skin. Basically, anything related to dry and rough skin. Other symptoms can be sudden sneezing of dust and pollution or a sudden reaction to the skin during the weather change.


The skin is very sensitive to this case and many factors can trigger this. It can be changed in weather, dust and pollution, some food allergy, or even some genetic reasons. Some causes are unknown too but mainly these are some major causes.


The most important tip is to moisturize the skin 3-4 times daily, especially when the weather is cold. Other preventions can be:

1. Use a soap with high moisturizer content and low ph. I use Aveeno & Sebamade (prescribed by doc).

2. Do not take long showers and avoid watering the affected area. Try to keep it as away from water as possible, it increases the dryness.

3. Treat the affected area softly and do not be harsh on it with a towel or anything. Damp cloth lightly and moisturize without cleaning of all the water.

4. Wear cotton clothes and avoid contact with any other material directly on affected area. You can wear other materials above cotton inner.

5. Avoid going into dust and pollution.

6. Know your allergies well and take proper care.

About My Experience:

My daughter is 13-months-old and every time there is a change in weather or she comes across some dust and pollution, her allergy and eczema trigger the symptoms of asthma as well in her and endless visits to the doctor need to be done thereafter. Extra care needs to be taken during Diwali and Winters.

While this is not a serious problem, but it should not be taken lightly. Proper care and preventive measures may help in healing it soon, otherwise, it might just get worst.

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