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Dr. Bushra aka Dew Cool welcomes you wholeheartedly at All About The Woman Blog

Herein giving you a glimpse about my All About The Woman Blog. Indeed All About The Woman Blog revolves around Woman from Food to Health to Nutrition to Smart Tips to lifestyle to parenting with additional columns about my freelance writing & reviews products services.

But don’t get confused its offerings is not restricted to girls, woman, wifey, mothers only.

All About The Woman Blog stores Something for everyone.


  • My Food / Recipes corner is loaded with delightful, easy to cook recipes that will give treat to your tongues
  • My Health corner is loaded with all health and nutritional topics to solve all your queries by smart suggestions. I’ll talk about all woman problems, in addition, to share counseling tips, nutritional info, depression & a long list to go. So it’s not only about a woman it’s for everyone out there.
  • My Smart Tips section contains all the smart tips info to take you out if get stuck in any sphere of life from the kitchen to lifestyle to beauty to blogging.
  • My Life corner contains my freelance written articles, poems, prose, stories which will take you to the new world.
  • My Reviews corner contains review and promotion of products services. All About The Woman Blog serve reviews & promotion about the newly launched products & Services from everyone & for every field of business ( We will not advertise any adult, racial, offense or illegal material. ) Whosoever opted for All About The Woman Blog review product service, will get reviewed Blog post in addition promotion through social share at all media platforms ( Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Stumbled upon, Google)

Our services include:

  • Blog post including social shares
  • Promotion at social media ( Twitter or Facebook or Instagram )
  • For further details of Reviews & products services check out here 


Dr Bushra

Gynaecologist by profession~~Food ,Health,lifestyle,Freelance Blogger~~social media influencer~~writer at heart~~Email for collaboration

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