6 Ways To Protect Your Child From Air Pollution

We can’t imagine the air we breathe in is so dangerous for our health. The worst thing is that apart from outdoor air pollution there exists indoor air pollution too.

Children and elderly people are more prone to air pollution. Children lungs are not fully developed as a result they used to inhale more air in comparison to elders.

6 Ways To Protect Your Child From Air Pollution

These air pollutants enter the bloodstream causing respiratory problems. It’s not easy to eradicate pollution completely from our environment.

The small tentative measures can help a lot in purifying the air. We are discussing 6 ways to protect your child from air pollution.

Check out the air quality 

It’s necessary to check out the air quality during the morning and evening hours as the quality of air is worsen during early morning and evening times.

As that’s the peak time when your child steps out of the house. You can check the air quality by downloading apps that measure the air quality automatically.

Wears the right face mask 

Face mask now becomes the necessity in the current scenario. Choosing the right usable and safe product for a family is very important. Discuss the ill effects of air pollution with your child and motivates them to wear a face mask. You can choose from 3M N95, Vogmask, Dettol air mask that filters more than 90% of 0.3 microns of particulate matter.

Planting air purifying plants at home

Yes, planting air purifying plants will definitely combat the effects of indoor air pollution. You can plant like Indian basil, Aloe vera, Aracea Palm, Spider plants, etc.

Idle-free zone

Talk with your child school management to promote idle-free zone around the school campus. Idelysing means to keep your car engine on when you are not moving.

Which contributes to air pollution by continuous emissions of harmful particles. Creating the idle-free zone helps to reduce the level of air pollutants around the school surroundings.

Avoid exercise during bad air Time 

CSE Study has shown that levels of air pollutants are highest at night and during morning hours when people go for morning walks.

Air quality is worst at night and during the early morning. Talk to school management to schedule school outdoor activities during mid-morning hours. This is one way to combat air pollution.

Install Air purifier at your home

Air purifier becomes an important necessity, especially in metropolitan cities. Installing a good functioning air purifier can reduce the level of air pollutants and make it safe quality when your little ones are at home. You can choose from a variant range of SHARP Air Purifier.

The brand’s “Patented Plasmacluster Technology” has been verified by TERI and proven to improve indoor air quality. A few star products include:

6 Ways To Protect Your Child From Air Pollution
Air Purifier + Mosquito Cather: World’s first air purifier with mosquito catcher, SHARP FP-FM40E is a unique, hyper-efficient air purifier that combines Sharp’s “Patented Plasmacluster ion technology” and a non-toxic mosquito-catching mechanism to eliminate both micro and macroscopic pollutants present in indoor air.
Air Purifier + Dehumidifier: A revolutionary air purifier SHARP DW-E16FA- W combines Dehumidifying function with Plasmacluster technology; maintains the humidity levels indoors while improving the air quality for those suffering from allergies or respiratory problems.

Air Purifier + Humidifier: Sharp Air Purifier and Humidifying function with unique Plasmacluster ensures comfortable humidity levels through natural evaporation technique thus also ensuring freshness in the air similar to forest or park. 

Car-Air Purifier: With a PM10 dust filter on each side, the unit captures approximately 80% of pollen and fine dust particles (10 microns or larger in size).

Hope You have now learned the 6 ways to protect your child from air pollution. And wish these suggestive measures help you to combat the effects of air pollution. Don’t forget to tell me about how you are dealing with Air Pollution?

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Stay Happy, Stay Healthy.

  • DISCLAIMER: The content in this post is purely meant for educational purpose only and not to be substituted for professional advice.
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