1. I actually have Apollo insurance myself. No complaints so far

  2. I recently took the health Insurance, i really felt it’s need

  3. Atleast in the US health insurance is a must and it is so helpful to deal with the high charges here for medical emergencies. Health insurance covers the most of it.

  4. My Closet Diary says: Reply

    Health insurance is of utmost need, thanks for a super informative post! 🙂

  5. This is a great post making awareness about Insurance.. It’s a must have thing which we gotta have it

  6. Thanks for sharing such informative post

  7. snehalboricha says: Reply

    So many benefits from health insurance! Glad you brought up the importance!

  8. health insurance is extremely essential with this life where everything is unpredictable.

  9. This is quite informative btw ur post reminded me of my insurance renewal

  10. I cant’ agree more. I know health insurance seems like a nuisance but it can actually save you from going broke

  11. Just a couple of weeks ago my daughter had a fall and fractured her bone.. And we’re so glad we had health insurance… It’s really important since you never know when you would need it and if you don’t it’s still a worthy investment

  12. With so many lifestyle diseases and expensive treatments health insurance is a must nowadays.

  13. This is a really informative post and everyone should get health insurance these days !

  14. Having health insurance is such an important thing now days.

  15. Really having insurance of ourself is very important. We also insured our family. Through health insurance we can deal with the high charges of hospitals and diseases. Very informative post . Thanks for sharing

  16. Apollo Health insurance.. never heard of it.. thanks for introducing this to me.. was anyways planning for one.. will go with Apollo

  17. Health insurance is very important. Your post was very informative and useful…

  18. Informative and interesting. Will check it for sure thanks for sharing

  19. Such an informative post! I never thought of insurance this way!

  20. Absolutely health insurance is a must. Thank you for sharing your review .

  21. Apollo insurance is quite impressive. I am getting this now.

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