Spicy Choley Recipe

Spicy Choley Recipe

Spicy Choley Recipe is my all time favorite dish. It can be eaten for breakfast as well as for lunch or dinner. This is a chickpea curry served with fried mixed grain pooris or boiled rice.

In an age of overindulgence, this silky smooth onion and tomato gravy with chickpeas nestling in it is a perennial favorite. This is so loved by the Indian community, that you can easily found in every corner of India. Be it any occasion, festival or parties or day to day life, if you don’t want to cook can be easily found as most eatable street food.

Spicy Choley Recipe

There are many ways to cook Spicy Choley but the method I used to cook is easy and quick. There is no need to add gazillion ingredients and complicate this recipe. You just need to chop onion, ginger, and garlic finely. Trust me you will be overwhelmed when you munch this up with hot buttered nan or bhatura or jeera rice.

Here is a simple step by step recipe that will definitely activate your taste buds.

Spicy Choley Recipe


  • 1. Chick Peas 250 gmsSpicy Choley RecipeSpicy Choley Recipe
  • 2. Ghee 50 gms
  • 3. Tea Leaves 50 gms
  • 4. Chopped Onions 100 gms
  • 5. Chopped Tomatoes 100 gms
  • 6 Chopped Ginger 20 gms
  • 7. Slit Green Chillies 10 gms
  • 8 Cumin Powder 10 gms
  • 9 Coriander Powder 10 gms
  • 10 Amchur Powder 10 gms
  • 11 Red Chilli Powder 10 gms
  • 12 Garam Masala 10 gms
  • 13 Corriander – Freshly Chopped 20 gms
  • 14 Saunf Powder 10 gms
  • 15 Chaat Masala 20 gms
  • 16 Salt To Taste
  • 17 Kasturi Methi 10 gms

Preparation Method Spicy Choley Recipe:

  1. Boiled the overnight soaked Chickpeas with tea bags. Strain the chickpeas & reserve the stock.Spicy Choley Recipe

2. In a pot add chickpeas, Green chili, Ginger, Onion, Tomato, Green Coriander, Raw mango powder(Amchur), Fennel Powder, Coriander powder,Red Chilli powder, Garam Masala                     Powder ,Chana Masala , Roasted cumin powder , Finally add Black Salt &  mix well the whole             mixture.

Spicy Choley Recipe

3. In another pan heat Ghee ( Tip : till it become boiling hot or smoky) & Once boiled add this Ghee to the chickpeas mixture along with a bit of water & stir well .Cover the lid & allowed to cook on low flame for 10-15minutes.

Spicy Choley Recipe

4. Add kasuri methi and SPICY CHOLEY RECIPE are ready to serve. 



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  1. Chole are my favourite too and this recipe is pretty similar to how I make them..tempting pics 🙂

  2. You know this reminded me of the fact that I haven’t eaten such fantastic chole in such a long long time 🙁 :(. Now that I am going home to Lucknow in a month, I cannot wait to have the amazing Chole Bhatura at one of the most famous roadside vendors :D.

    1. 🙂 me too missing lucknow chole bhatura .. do try this at your home . thanks 🙂

      1. Sure will do. Long time since I actually cooked Chole.

  3. this is a comfort food and comfort foods are best foods. Thanks for the recipe

  4. Mouth waters*
    One of my favourite recepie
    Will make it in a day or two .

  5. Love this delicious post.

    Choley-chawal my favrt. 🙂

  6. One of my favorite Punjabi dishes is Chole – a high protein classic recipe with heady flavors. I love the texture and combination of spices that go into its making. The addition of one of my favorite flavors, anardana, adds a tangy punch to the nuttiness of chickpeas.Goes great with Bhatura, puri or rice.

  7. inquisitivegeet says: Reply

    I too like choley. Who doesn’t? Next time I’m sure going to try this recipe and update you as well!


  8. This mage my mouth water.Absolutely love coley. I will make some tomorrow

    1. I meant made my mouth water,but all the memories and watering mouth made typing difficult

      1. 🙂 thanks for stopping by means a lot

  9. am a huge huge fan of chhole only if they are made super tangy and tasty, my mouth is watering with your recipe 🙂

  10. And finally there is something for the vegetarians ! Superb !

    1. thanks 🙂 specially for you

  11. mmmm yum yum, I love Chole and kulcha!

    1. thanks for stopping by 🙂

  12. This looks yummy and so simple! Will def give it a try!!

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