Revive The Beautiful You

Revive the beautiful you

Everyone is not lucky enough to get applause by loved ones. This goes for both men & women. We all have the potential to be beautiful and attractive if we only know how. Of course this requires effort but the results are amazing. Follow these steps to meet a more radiant and confident you :

Pamper  your self
You must learn to love yourself. Ignore your shortcomings & focus on your qualities that
God has gifted you . Discover & highlight it  . it can be your physical qualities like best part about your face example eyes , lips etc use them to your advantage .
Switch to healthy lifestyle 
Pamper yourself by stealing 30 minutes from your busy schedule. Go for morning walk or hit the gym or switch to yoga . Healthy lifestyle imparts unique glow that will keeps you young. Showers some love on your health and you will see the change.
Check on your posture 
Walk with full confidence with smile on your face. Pull back your shoulders & walk with confidence , everyone will pay attention.Stand tall & walk confidently with Smile and the world will ask about the secret behind it .
Make your own style statement 
It’s not necessary that the on going trend suits to us. Have a look on your self and rule out how to flatters your best features and takes attention away from the weaker areas . Switch to a fashion trend that draws attention to your attractive features.

Be updated 24*7

Intelligence and good conversation skills portrays ones confidence and beauty. Everyone is attracted to a man and woman who’s up to date aka hi tech. So sharp up your mind and brush up your knowledge . Use your behaviour qualities like how quick you impress others with your personality, use it & make it your plus point. Just being beautiful without empty mind is no ticket to your success .
Be positive
Crowd always love to be part of positive energy indirectly or directly. Start learning how to be positive, stay calm and make peaceful environment around you,
Friendship with books 
Books are best friends. Spend time with books . They help to  rejuvenate and recharge us , imparting inner peace and beauty .
And Revive The Beautiful You , equipped with your twinkling eyes , best smile , affection in your behavior and revive in your step , conquer the  world  🙂
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  1. Good is important to love yourself before others 🙂

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  2. All are really great ideas and good ways to focus on the positive. Thank you for these fabulous suggestions!

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  3. Great list Busra.Self love is important

    1. thanks 🙂

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  4. You’ve touched upon all the points important for today’s lifestyle, a solution to all the negativity that we are surrounded with most of the time. My best approach from the list is Pamper your self 🙂

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  5. Great tips!It is important to take care of ourselves too

  6. Wow these are such pertinent pointers and always need to be reiterated. Thank you 😊

    1. thanks 🙂

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