Protinex With Benefits Of Hydrolysed Protein

Protein is an important building block for many parts of the body like bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Whether you want to boost up your metabolism or want to lose weight, protein plays an important role. Luckily I got a chance to attend Protinex event organize by Danone. Got close insights about importance and need of protein in our body By Nutritionists Kavita Devgan.

According to her ” Protein is highly misunderstood nutrient. A daily adult requirement is a 1gm protein per kg body weight. It’s not easy to meet the requirement via normal diet. So, there’s need to choose wisely to meet up the normal protein intake.”

As the dietary intake cannot meet up the daily requirement which may lead to many problems.

IMRB Survey says 73% of Indian population is protein deficit. And Lucknow having highest defiicency that’s 90%.

Deficiency of protein can lead to symptoms like:

  • Reduce Metabolism
  • Slow down process of metabolism
  • Problem in weight loss
  • Problem in Building body
  • Reduce energy level
  • Mood disorder, Disturb sleep, Lack of concentration
  • Can lead to Diabetes
  • Poor Immunity

Question is that how to meet the daily requirement of protein? According to Dr. Nandan Joshi, Head & Nutrition science, Danone India said ” In India, People have many myths about protein. A larger group of people believe that Green leafy vegetables are a good source of protein. And some believe that they intake daily protein needs, which is not true. Protein requirement differs over age, weight, gender and physical work etc. And consuming right Quality & Quantity of protein every day at frequent intervals like hydrolyzed protein or pre-digested protein can meet up the daily requirement.

Health Benefits of Protein rich food

  1. Helps in the growth of muscles, bone, skin, and blood.
  2. Helps in repairing tissues
  3. Helps in the production of important Hormones of body
  4. Act as powerhouse of energy required stamina building
  5. Helps is proper functioning of Nervous System
  6. Aids in the formulation of Red and white blood cells
  7. Aids in weight loss
  8. Improves bone health
  9. Helps build Immunity

Protinex with benefits of Hydrolysed Protein

Protinex is one of the Trusted & highly prescribed nutritional Supplements over 50 years. It’s formulated with hydrolysed protein that caters the need of protein in Adults & Children. It comes in flavors like eliachi, Vanilla, chocolate & original. Special supplements For Diabetes & Pregnant ladies like Mama Protinex are also available.

Benefits of Hydrolysed Protein over Intact protein:

Hydrolysed protein is created by hydrolyzing or pre-digesting Intact protein into amino acids and smaller proteins which is quickly absorbed by the body. The protein-rich food contains intact proteins. Hydrolysed protein benefits are:

  • They increase the rate of Amino acids release required by muscles
  • They help in higher production of Insulin
  • Faster recovery from muscles injury
  • Intake during or post workout helps improves protein synthesis

In order to make people aware of Importance of Protein, Protinex launches Protein calculator during the event on 19 February 2018 in Delhi. Delhi based Nutritionists Kavita Devgan unveils calculator at the event.

Protein calculator is an easy tool to monitor the daily protein intake. According to Mr. Himanshu Bakshi, Director- Marketing Danone India said ” Protein calculator helps Indian to check daily Protein intake. To take remedial actions in their diet or protein supplements that offer right quantity and quality of protein in a convenient way.

My interference that the need of this macronutrient should not be overlooked. It can be meet up via dietary foods and Supplements like Protinex that contains hyrolysed proteins.

Disclosure: The views shared are solely Author personal experience.

DISCLAIMER: The content in this post is purely meant for educational purpose only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.

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