Pregnancy Digest – Part 5

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Hope you have fun reading my Pregnancy DigestHere presenting the Pregnancy Digest to solve all your queries about Pregnancy. In this part of  Pregnancy Digest you will read about proper & nutritional diet aka well balanced diet that should be taken during pregnancy

What is Antenatal counselling ?

Systematic supervision ( examination and advice ) of a woman during pregnancy is called antenatal counselling or care .

What are the Principles of Antenatal counselling ?

  • To counsel the women about
  • The importance of regular check up
  • To maintain or improve health status of the woman
  • To improve the psychology and to remove the fear of the unknown
The pregnancy diet ideally should be light , nutritious , easily digestible and rich in protein minerals and vitamins.
The diet during pregnancy should be adequate to provide :
  • Good maternal health
  • Optimum Fetal growth
  • The strength and viability required during labour
  • Successful lactation
During pregnancy, there is increased calorie requirement due to increased growth of the maternal tissues, fetus, placenta and increased basal metabolic rate. The increased calorie requirement is to the extent of 300 over the non pregnancy state during second half of pregnancy.
The daily requirement during pregnancy and lactation is given in table . It is not absolute recommendation but simply a guide . It is advice that You must concern your doctor before following it . The Dietetic advice should be given with due consideration to the socio-economic condition, food habits and taste of individual.
Apart from this diet should include atleast half litre of milk , if not 1 litre ( 1 litre of milk contains 1 gm of calcium) plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits. The amount of salt should be sufficient amount to make the food tasty .

This post is for Day 8 of NaBloPoMo 

Disclaimer : this post is based on average research and indication purpose only . It’s highly recommend to concern your doctor before proceeding further .

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