P for Positive outlook to deal with Stress During Pregnancy

Stress during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the start of the new phase of life not only for the woman but for the whole family. A phase everything is changing from your body posture to emotions & feelings. This changes also brings stress with them less or more. Stress during Pregnancy is common, But sometimes too much stress can make […]

O for Optimum measures of Staying Safe and healthy on the Job During Pregnancy #AtoZchallenge

Every next woman is independent, working and confident. You must be working hard to be successful in your career. The day you know about your pregnancy you must be in two in two situations. What yo do now? Should I quit my job or continue? How to balance between work and my pregnancy.   You […]

I am made up of Indian Matter, More Indian than you think #MoreIndianThanYouThink

As Shakespeare says life is a stage and we are performing our role.Things which matters is your credibility. How smartly you perform your role on your own terms.  So what we are Feminine and moreover an Indian woman? That doesn’t mean one can restrict our dreams, our extension, and wishes. There is a drastic revolution […]

N for Necessary Exercise during Pregnancy

Exercise during Pregnancy

Congrats for your pregnancy dear. How are feeling now? I know you’re a little bit nervous and confuse about many dos and don’t and exercise during pregnancy is one of them. We’re discussing some important points about Necessary Exercise during Pregnancy, hope that’ll work for you. Is it’s safe to do Exercise during Pregnancy? Yes, absolutely […]

M for Maintain Your Health with Antenatal Care during Pregnancy – Part 3

Imbibe Yourself about Antenatal Care during Pregnancy

Are You Pregnant? Things you should know about Having a Baby through prenatal care (especially for first time pregnant woman) ” Yes, you’re Pregnant ” this good news brings excitement in your life. At the same Time makes you tense, worry, anxious, blah blah blah. In this Pregnancy series of Learn everything about Prenatal care, […]

L for Live Fit with Healthy Diet for Pregnancy – Part 2

Healthy diet for pregnancy

Hope you have fun reading this A to Z Pregnancy guide. Here presenting the Pregnancy Digest to solve all your queries about Pregnancy. In this part of  Pregnancy Digest, you will read about proper & nutritional diet aka well-balanced diet that should be taken during pregnancy. Perk Yourself with Healthy Diet for Pregnancy What is the food […]