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Every single person living on this earth has the same story line but the tracks are different. We all face the good & bad in our life but the ratio varies according to the circumstances of our life cycle.

Whenever we face bad our heart broken down but when in next line something good happens to us it takes away all the sorrows & let it vanish in the happening waves of happiness .
Myself also face good & bad in my life but I can say till now I lived the well balanced life. I never let the sorrows of my life to overtake my life & fades up the charm of life. This is because of all the good things that happened to me till now & which empowers up my personality both physically & mentally.

I owe my gratitude towards them for giving me a strong foundation.

All the happening or good things occur to me which filled up my life with happiness in never ending list. To sum it up I want to start with when I got my first watch as a birthday gift in class VI from my dad most memorable childhood moments of my life .

When I score distinction in class X let me stands among best students of College. On scoring 96 marks in chemistry & computers in class XII brings me fame .

I owe especial thanks to my mom who used to feed me with her hands till classXII that is the best memories of my life . I’m thankful to my dad without his continuous support I can’t pursue my dreams. I’m thankful to my siblings for being with me in my good & bad.

When I got selected in medical College was the turning point of my life . I am at cloud 9 at that time . All the hostel memories from mass bunking to protesting from hostel pranks to making warden crack I always nailed it with my group.

I am always thankful to all my teachers from class nursery to medical College for bringing the best in me . And my buddies … You guys are such a darling always there for me & never let me down.

Especial mentions for the Blogchatter . Team without your continuous support & blogging ideas , grooming campaigns, activities it’s impossible to take my blog to next level.

Team BlogAdda for encouraging & moulding us to write up like professionals. Team your support brings boost to my blogging life & I want to thank all my blog buddies whom I recently met for their extended support in my blogging

Last but not the least I want to thank Allah for giving me such a beautiful & happening life.

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  1. Such a heartfelt post . Dad’s are always special to us girls, aren’t they?:)
    Thanks to Blogchatter for introducing us to each other:)

    1. Thanks 🙂

Love to hear from you :)