Indian Millet is Bouncing Back !!

Indian Millet is Bouncing Back !!
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With its gluten free and low cholesterol status , millet is bouncing back on the food platform . Millets are one of the oldest cultivated crops and available in lots of variety in India that have been traditionally used as staples but their usage has been progressively decrease over time.

Millets are super grains and were used extensively but have been removed from our diet as a result of urbanisation and availability of cereals like wheat, rice , corn. Millets require minimum agricultural support for growth.
Millets are highly nutritious, non glutinous and non acid forming. They are soothing for the digestive system and non allergenic.
Millets for vegetarians 
For vegetarians who miss out on animal protein in their diet , this grain makes perfect sense since all millets are protein rich . Ragi ( finger millets ) is the richest in calcium, about 10 times that of rice or wheat .
Millets for diabetics 
Millets have lots of fibres and low simple sugars. As a result they have low glycemic index and hence help maintain blood sugar levels. They release very little sugar compared to wheat and rice and can be great alternatives for diabetics.
Millets for body detoxification 
Properties of Millets of being sweet, dry and light from an Ayurvedic perspective makes it the Food Medicine to tackle body toxins, diabetes, excess weight and edema.
Indian Millets 
  • Finger millet ( Ragi ) – it is a great antioxidant
  • Pearl millet ( Bajra ) – it minimise the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Sorghum ( Jowar ) – it has more antioxidants than pomegranate. It helps to Improve metabolism
  • Foxtail millet ( kangni ) – it controls blood sugar
  • Barnyard millet ( Jhangora ) – fights cardiovascular diseases
  • Proso millet ( Barri ) – great for bone growth
How to cook Millets ? 
Millets can be cooked by various methods. Eat it as Roti or Parantha , knead it into dough with some onions , green coriander etc and rolled into roti.
Millets can be cooked like dalia or oats for breakfast with milk , jaggery and nuts like badam . It can be complete diet for infants and small children.
Millets can replace rice and Suji in recipes like idli , dosa , Upma, kheer , payasam

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